VHS Staff News

Week of 19-23

Professional Development

Monday is our Pro D Day. You should have already signed up to attend session offered via Eduphoria.

Day of Wellness - Monday, Sept. 26th

Students will be required to wear their orange spirit shirt. If you do not have an orange spirit shirt, then let Jenn Thomas know. Students will participate in a morning yoga and meditation practice and have an abbreviated class schedule afterwards. Classes will have a wellness-related focus and examine the many facets of wellness! Also, for a special treat and chance to earn House points, be sure to participate in lunchtime karaoke! It is open to teachers and students!!!!

Check In 8 - 815 (students go to their advisory class - take attendance)

Yoga 815 - 9:15

1 9:30 - 10:05

2 10:10 - 10:45

4 10:50 - 11:25

3 A: lunch 11:30 - 12:10; class 12:15 - 12:50

3 B: class 11:30 - 11:50; lunch 11:50 - 12:30; class 12:35 - 12:50

3 C: class 11:30 - 12:05; lunch 12:10 - 12:50

5 12:55 - 1:30

6 1:35 - 2:10

7 2:15 - 2:50

8 2:55 - 3:30

Here are the hashtags for Wellness Day:

Twitter Account: @VillageVikings
Instagram Account: VillageVikings
Facebook Account: @TheVillageSchoolTX

"Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being." - J Stanford



  • Tuesday, 9/20 - AWAY - @ Concordia HS: JV 4:30PM & Varsity 5:30PM


  • Friday, 9/23 - AWAY - @ Northside Lions: 7PM

Cross Country

  • Saturday, 9/24 - Brenham "Hillacious" Invitational @ Brenham HS: 8AM

Progress Report - All grades are due Monday, Sept. 19th by 5PM

Effort Grade

Do not forget to put in the effort grade! Scale 1-4.


You should include a comment about students progress if their grade is below a 73%.

Extended Essay

Supervisors should be checking on students to be sure they are on course for completion. Please send an email to Carl if you have any concerns.

Parent Conferences - Friday, Sept. 30th

Conferences will be open this Friday for parents to start signing up through Skyward. Attached is a blank report with all of your times (includes all teachers) by department. Most of you have 42 slots unless you are a part time teacher. Time for breaks has been already removed, according to this document provided to me by HS office. Please do not remove more time for breaks or lunch, we did that for you!

You can run a new report at any time to see who has signed up following the instructions below. Also, even though parents will get the instructions in the WAAG this Friday, I included those instructions in this email in case a parent emails you asking how to do it.Parents have to use their parent account in Skyward in order to see the "Conferences" link. DO NOT send instructions to parents before Friday please!

How Teachers can create a report with current sign ups:

The first time: (creating the report)

1) Log in to Skyward

2) Go to "Teacher Access" - "My Conference Scheduler"

3) Click on "Teacher Conferences Report"

4) Click on the "Add" button.

5) Give the following name to your report: "9/30 Conferences"

6) In the Date Ranges, enter 09/30/2016 to 09/30/2016 (you can also leave the 12/31/9999 on the second box, it is ok)

7) DO NOT enter anything in Building or Room LEAVE THEM BLANK.

8) Click on "Save and Print"

9) This will produce a PDF report that you can print or just view on the screen.

The second and consecutive times (run the created report to see the updates)

1) Log in to Skyward

2) Go to "Teacher Access" - "My Conference Scheduler"

3) Click on "Teacher Conferences Report"

4) Find the template that you created (you named it "9/30 Conferences") -click on it-

5) Then click on"Print"

Every time you do these steps, you will get an up to date list of your conferences sign up.

Wednesday - All Faculty to Black Box to watch Frantic Assembly - 2:45PM

Advisory Schedule


  • No School - Pro D


  • Tuesday Clubs
  • College Counseling Meeting - All 12th grade in Moore Gym


  • No Advisory


  • Thursday Clubs
  • CAS Meeting - Chinn (Cafeteria) & Collyer (Moore Gym)


  • Advisory Class - Lesson in Advisory Folder (Take Attendance)

Judicial Committee - Teacher Role

Judicial Committee only meets when necessary. Our judicial committee meetings will take place during advisory period. You will be notified before the day of the meeting. Conducting these meetings during advisory period allows for both students and teachers to participate without after school conflicts.