Argentina and Canada in 2040

By: Sanaa Shaikh

Canadian Immigration(2015 vs 2040)

To enter or immigrate to Canada you must have 67 points or higher. If more immigrants come into Canada it will help our economic growth. Canada looks for skilled workers, with that they could help make Canada a even more developed country. They use there knowledge and experience to get a job. In 2015 the Canada's Citizenship and immigration Minister announced the new "Express Entry". The Express Entry is a faster way to bring in more immigrants focused on meeting Canada's economic and labour needs. In 2040 more refugees will be entering Canada, due to fear or cruel inhumane treatment(or even death in his/her country. Canada comes in the top 10 safest countries, people will want to come and live peacefully in Canada.

Canadian Demography(2015 vs 2040)

The population for Canada right now is 35.871.00 and the future population will increase to 44.143.00. In 2015 the age of the baby boomers are 55-59 and in 2040 50-54. Life expectancy for females is 75-79 and for males is 70-74, in 2040 the life expectancy would be 75-79 for both female and male. In 2014 and 2040 female population is higher by 1.3%. The most of population was in the age of 50-54 in 2015 but it 2040 it went up to 55-59 which means that health care has gotten better. Also by 2040 people start to live longer in the ages 95-99. There are more people aged 4-16 in 2015 and in 2040 it drops so that means that women are having less children.

Argentina Compared to Canada (2015 vs 2040)


  • The population for Canada will increase in 2014 by 0.79% or 276297 people, and in the recent years the growth rate has decreased.
  • The natural increase rate is 2.1, and to get this i found the death rate and birth rate and subtracted them both death rate by birth rate.
  • Net migration rate is 186 569
  • Growth rate is 186 571.1, i added the natural increase rate with net migration to get this answer
  • The growth rate for Canada has decreased
  • Median age: 2014-39/40 yrs 2040-46-50 yrs
  • Fertility rate: 2014-1.6 2040- 1
  • Right now 23% of Canada's population is over 65, in 2040 it will be 30.5%

  • The population for Argentina will increase in 2014 by 417 443 people or 10%, and in the recent years the growth rate has increased.
  • The natural increase rate is 9.4. i got this answer by subtracting the birth rate and death rate.
  • Net migration rate is 0
  • Since the net migration rate is 0 the growth rate will be 9.4
  • Median age: 2014-31.2 yrs 2040-40 yrs
  • Fertility rate: 2014-2.19 2040- 1.3
  • Right now 15.5% Argentina's population is over 65, in 2040 it will be 21.7%
Push/Pull factors

  • In Canada there is a low crime rate, good health care, education, lots of job opportunities and is very multicultural
  • Some push factors, the taxes are very high, winters are very cold and summers are hot
  • In Argentina there is a lot of harassment and poverty
  • Some pull factors, the weather is great, land/parks, and there are also job opportunities
  • In 2040 Canada's push and pull factors will be the same, and for Argentina there will be better education
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