By Paeton Coler

She's the Greek Goddess of Hearth and Fire.

Hestia was an immortal.

She was a goddess.

She was also known as The forgotten Goddess.

Her Roman name was Vesta.

Her mother was Rhea.

Her father was Cronus.

She didn't have any children or a spouse.

The Legend of Hestia
10 Facts about Hestia

1. She was an Olympic god but later was replaced by Dionysus.

2. Hestia's name means house and hearth.

3. Hestia helped vanish Cronus forever in the dark would under Earth.

4. Public hearths donated to her were called prytaneions.

5. In prytaneions first fruits, oil, wine, and cows were sacrificed to her.

6. She prevented a war from breaking out among her suitors.

7. She was the last one to be regurgitated by her father.

8. To tend the sacred fire on Mount Olympus she gave her thrown to Dionysus.

9. She wasn't worshipted publicly but people sacrificed for her.

10. She vowed to never get married or have children the rest of her life.

Why I chose Hestia:

I chose Hestia because she is the Greek Goddess of Hearth and fire. She is a very nice and she seemed cool so that's why I chose her. Hestia and I are alike because She made sure the fire on Mount Olympus didn't go out and so that's almost like her chore and I do chores. she is very nice and sweet and so am I. Lastly, since she was always by the fire she was warm and I love to be warm.