3rd grade rocks😊

Our classroom

Our classroom is awesome! The classroom has lots of posters,desks,chairs,stuffed animals,pillows and students.My teachers name is Mrs.gardner.The students in my class are 1. kloee Bachman 2. Bree Bowman 3. Gabby Casella 4 . Katie Foltz 5. Malena Frank 6. Kendra Grack 7. Marley Hilton 8. Alex Hullscoter 9. Brayden Krause 10. Kaden Lang 11.Izzy maurer 12.Tyler myser 13. Kendall Nelson 14.steven Nguengh 15.Griffin Noble 16. Meron papatakis 17.Nick Putterball 18. Josh Rafat 19. Berit shafer 20. Ben Snider 21. George Tacko 22.Dillon Tushie 23.Tanner Vance 24. Norah Wiley 25. Nymaouce Guen


in third grade we have kindergarten buddies.We do lots of fun stuff with them.On the first day we met them we had hot chacolate and read books.Some other activities we do are hide eggs for them on Easter,