the nmoon

its a cool place

get ready its a long ride!

the moon is located 238,900 miles away from our planet earth. nasa has comforted big thick sheets of ice found on the moon hidden under the deepest creators.The moon is a bit more than one fourth the size of earth. One lunar day is about 27.32 Earth days long.

the bounce race!

Saturday, June 29th 2013 at 8:30pm

the moon

you shall bring a pair of your finest running/athletic shoes. the event will involve a zero gravity race across the moon, the race would be the same as a 24 hour race on earth. the winner of our event will earn simply the joy of winning. this is a charity for saint judes cancer hospital. donations will be taken all over the races.

Its alot of running!

The race will begin at 12:00am and go through to who ever crosses the finish line first. the race is equal to 25 miles, of harsh cold running.

please visit our event!