Ecological Footprint

Olivia Coleman:; Earth and Enviromental Science Honors, 1st

What is an Ecological Footprint?

An ecological footprint is how much of an impact you have on earth. Preferably referring to Co2 levels.

5 Factors affecting ecological footprints

Home Energy


Food & Diet

Recycling & Waste

Home size

My carbon footprint compared to the nations and worlds

To the nation, our footprint is the same at 110, However to the world my average is a lot higher than 40.

How would my footprint change if i lived in Massachusetts?

It would decrease due to my car size, and how many miles I have driven in a year.

Biggest Factors

  • Car size/ Miles
  • Food & Diet

These would be the biggest factors because they're the factors that increased my average the most. They are also the factors that I probably use the most.

3 activities to reduce my emmissions

Use Energy Star appliances, Drive less miles, Eat more organic food.

Pros and Cons of making changes

A pro would be that your using less Co2 but the con would be, it would be expensive.

Short Term Effects

Expensive and less energy

Long Term Effects

It is a pro for the long term effect thankfully. If you save energy then it will keep the environment clean.

Climate Changes

By using so much Co2, we are causing major climate changes.