Advertising Interview

By: Jason Hong

Sam's Liquor Store

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Quick run down, my dad owns an individual business and he works 6 days a week. He's owned this business for about 30 years now in South Dallas. Providing customers with a local liquor store in their area. Recently many liquor stores have been closing down in the Dallas area, EXCEPT my dads. Shout out for staying up!

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The Picture

He is the Asian on the left.

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Does my dad advertise his business on a website or other websites?

No he does not.

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What type of advertising does he use?

The only type of advertising he uses at the moment is business cards. Whenever customers come in they have the opportunity to take one of these. This business card provides them with the location, name, and number.

What type of advertising does he think is most effective to bring people to his business?

He said that the most effective advertising is just to be friendly with the customers. Having the same business for so long now he has customers that come on the daily. He's gotten the chance to really have a connection with them. What he also said is that he does money orders providing him with some extra cash in his pocket, but also giving customers the chance to get these money orders. Lastly he said that he generates some sort of poll during the Superbowl, people will bet on which team will win and what not. This gives customers a fun thing to do other then just shopping, and also giving the community something exciting to do. The winner getting prize money.