Womens Reform

By: Robert, Alexis, Gabby, Matthew


  • Couldn't vote
  • Limited career choices
  • Less education
  • Had to be "Lady Like"
  • Considered weaker and inferior to men
  • Shocking and scandalous for a women to give a speech especially in front of men and women and is often attack for it
  • Married women do not have property rights can not enter into contracts or cannot sign legal documents or have control in her wages or her children


  • Married Women's Property Act
  • 19th Amendment
  • More jobs available
  • Equal pay act


I give the women's rights reform of the 1800's an 80 (C) because although it did accomplish a number of great things for women, they are still less valuable in society than a man in some instances. The movement gave women the right to vote as well as making them eligible to own property. Also, women can now get any governmental role that a man can get, which is a big improvement that they gained thanks to the reform. Before, women could not have any governmental role whatsoever. The Women's Bureau of the Department of Labor was made in 1920, which gave women a safe, substantial standing in the work force, something they did not have previously. On the contrary, women still only make 70 cents to a man's dollar on average. Also, women are automatically presumed to not be able to work as much because of the fact that they will get pregnant and will be out of work indefinitely. Women also are seen as less physical and are thought of as not being able to do a strong man's job, which hurts there standing in certain areas of the working force. So, although the reform did a lot, there is still more that needs to be done so that women have an equal standing (to men) in the U.S.


In today's time, all the changing with women's reform has affected women today. Woman can now own property, run for political offices, vote, and do so many more things that they could not do back in the mid 1800's. The reform definitely changed for the better. They can even run for president. Back in the 1800's they couldn't do anything except take care of the kids. Today, woman can do everything a man can do but there are still some ways that they get treated differently. There ares still somethings they can fix.

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