You Never Know Until You Ask

I love what I do and you might too!

"I'm not interested in what everyone else thinks, I'm interested in doing what I love!" -Jessica Herrin, CEO & Founder of Stella & Dot

You may be asking yourself, why is Alex sending me this email? But recently I had an ah-ha moment while I sat at our Director's Retreat in San Francisco. I took a moment to look around at the women who surrounded me and thought "look at this room filled with brilliant women. Look how happy they are... Look at how happy I am! What if someone had never approached me with this opportunity? What if someone assumed I wouldn't want to do something like this because I had a full time job in a totally different industry or because I had a 6 month old baby or because I didn't wear jewelry at the time? Where would I be today?"
All I can say is thank goodness someone did!

Three and a half years later I'm a leader within a company that will be a billion dollar global brand in the next 5 year as well as an INC 500's Fastest-Growing Company. I know I made the right decision when I see the smile on my trunk show guest's face after making her feel beautiful or a big hug from a team member saying thank you for bringing this opportunity to her attention because it changed her life by offering her financial security, something of her own, or just something to be a part of!

Well you are receiving this flier because after having this ah-ha moment it made me think who am I not asking that might love to do what I do? Who am I assuming has too much on their plate or isn't looking for a new opportunity but would be amazing as a Stella & Dot Stylist? And, after having this thought-- YOU came to mind!

So, I wanted to put together an informational flier that will show you how I found my passion as well as some of my friends' stories who you would have never guessed 5 years ago would be calling themselves a Stella & Dot Stylist today. Sometimes in life you realize that there is no straight path and that life curves a little until you find something you truly love, something that fits into your life... that something for me was Stella & Dot and it could be for you as well!

I'd love for you to take a moment to watch Our Story as well as Jessica Herrin's Story on Bloomberg TV. I've included some of the bios of my fellow Stella & Dot stylists, leaders and friends who are all so thankful that someone just thought to ask-- would you like to start your own business as a Stella & Dot Stylist?

Our Story - Stella & Dot (2011)

Alexandra Woolverton: My Path to Stella & Dot

Had you asked me as a child and up until my Senior year of College what I was going to be when I grew up I would have told you a Veterinarian. I attended Emory and the University of Florida undergraduate school and my degree was of course Animal Science. After deciding I was way to emotional for sick animals I did not fill out my second round of applications to vet school and instead headed to Atlanta to be with my sisters. I joined the three person team at SPANX and loved the world of fashion but especially seeing an entrepreneur such as Sara Blakely in action. What a testament of what women can accomplish. But as much as I loved SPANX something was calling me to move into a job where I controlled my income and I landed myself in the competitive world of sports radio advertising. This was where in met my sweet husband and spent 7 great years. But after my first little girl, Ella, arrived I realized I no longer liked what I did for a living. It was stressful, it wasn't flexible and I just didn't love it.

Thankfully my boss's wife called me to tell me about a fabulous jewelry company she just joined and said she would love to do a trunk show for me. Well, I was a new Mommy, working full time, tired and stressed out... a little wine and girl time sounded like a fabulous idea. I took one look at the catalog and knew I wanted to dive right in as a stylist. At first I saw it as a fun way to make extra money and quickly I realized that this was my future. Six months later I quit my full time job... today I have two amazing little girls and a booming business!

Would you have pinpointed these woment for Stella & Dot? Maybe not but they LOVE it and have made careers of it! Want to learn more about if this is right for you? Let's chat!!!

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Let's set up a time to chat on the phone, meet for coffee and answer any questions. And, no worries-- if this opportunity isn't right for you at this time then you might just want to host a show to get hundreds of dollars in jewelry for free just for sipping wine with your friends.

Alexandra Woolverton
Senior Director

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