all about blindness

Causes of blindness

There are many causes of blindness. Some time the vision can be saved with medicines, surgery, and special tools. The most causes of blindness is from accidents.

Things not to do!

Do not throw things at peoples faces or heads.

Be careful when you are using sharp objects and make sure that the point is pointing down so if you fall it will not go into your face.

You need to wear safety googlies when you are working with things that can hurt your eyes.


Cataracts are from the lens that are over the black dot. When you get older your eye site gets cloudy. Some kids can even get cataracts. You can get a surgery that takes out the lens in your eye and then they pout new lens in it. Your eye sight can be returned back to normal.

Birth defects

Some children are born blind. Not like cataracts you can not over come this. You can have surgery that might help but will not make you see.

Blindness in the U.S.A

There is 11.4 million American are blind. One person every 11 minutes goes blind. 1.4 million need glasses.

Over coming bindness

You can not over come blindness completely . You can try do thing to make it better but it will not make it alot beter