Mrs. Friedman's Flyer

June 2016

News and Announcements

Upcoming events:

6/2 Field Trip to Hopkins Pond: Please see below for more information. Pack throwaway items and containers for snack. Put on sunscreen before school! We will have normal lunch at school.

6/3 Poem Day: Bring your favorite poem to school. Please bring in a cereal box for your child's series writing project.

6/7 Read-a-thon day: Bring a favorite book to share!

6/8 Stuffed Animal Day: Bring a SMALL furry friend!

6/15 Field Day: 1/2 day of school, 12:30 dismissal. No lunch at school.

6/16 1/2 day of school

6/17 Last Day of school! 1/2 Day, 12:30 Dismissal

Hopkins Pond Field Trip Information

  • We will be going on a walking trip to Hopkins Pond on Thursday, June 2nd! If you are chaperoning our field trip, please meet at the Tatem playground at 9am. Ron Smith and his students will meet us at the pond where we will be exploring and learning about the animals and plants that live there! We will return to school at 11:30. We will be having regular lunch at school.
  • We will be eating snack at the pond. Please pack throwaway items and containers so we don't have to carry snack bags back and forth.
  • Please dress for the outdoors (socks, sneakers, hood/hat, and old clothes). Please put sunscreen on your students before they arrive to school. If it is drizzling but not pouring, we will still go to the pond. We are so excited!

Fun Facts

  • We will be meeting with our buddy class next week! They made their own brain pop videos, and they will be sharing the videos with us!
  • Please check our Homeroom App for pictures! They can be viewed on the computer or desktop.
  • Please see my eBoard for our kindness video. You can click on this link, or you can go to my eBoard, the technology tab, then the kindness video. The password is bekind. I'm sorry if they sound isn't working for everyone yet, I'm looking into that!
  • You are now able to download a free archive of your child's digital portfolio! Here's how to download a .zip archive of your child's Seesaw journal, including images, videos, audio recordings, and text notes or captions.

Step 1: Sign into your parent account at

Step 2: Click on your Profile Icon on the top left

Step 3: Click on the Gear Icon

Step 4: Click on Account Settings

Step 5: Scroll down and click on Download Journal Archives

Step 6: Click on the Download Zip button for the journal you want to download. This might take a while depending on your Internet speed and how many posts your child has in Seesaw.

This is what you get! It is organized by month and then ordered by the date the post was added. You'll see an html file with a thumbnail, text notes or captions, folder names and links (if the post used the Link item type). You'll also see the original image, video or audio files.

  • Do you feel like you've missed something from a previous newsletter? I have all of the newsletters on my eBoard.



We are now in Unit 11 for Fundations. In this unit, we are working with multisyllabic words. We are scooping the words into 2 syllables as we read. Some of these words will be compound words. It's important to look at both syllables of the word so that your student can break down each part of the word to spell or read. When broken down into the syllables, the longer word does not seem as overwhelming! We continue to review long vowel sounds. The trick words for this unit are: people, Mr., Mrs., years, says, little, good, very, and own.

Math Workshop

Mathematicians have completed Unit 8 on mental math, money, and fractions. I was very impressed with how well students were able to identify and write fractions!

Students can continue to use Splash Math! This is a fun way for students to go on missions while practicing math skills! It can be used for personalized instruction, practice, or enrichment. The interactive game motivates students to improve their scores! This can also be downloaded as a FREE app!! Please let me know if you need another copy of your login card.

Writer's Workshop

Writers are now working on writing fiction books in a series. We began the unit by studying and discussing series writing that we love. Among these were the Magic Tree House Series, Pete the Cat, and other movies or shows. This helped the students to be able to create his or her own characters, determine a setting, and write adventures or problems and solutions for their characters to partake in. It's fun to see the students' imaginations take off!

Science and Social Studies

Our scientists are exploring solids and liquids. They have conducted observations of the liquids water, glue, shampoo, and oil. In social studies, students have been studying the 7 Habits of happy kids. The Berenstain Bears have educational video clips that have helped us to make a connection to these habits. The habits are: Be Proactive, Begin with the End in MInd, Put First Things First, Think Win-Win, Seek First to Understand then be Understood, Synergize, and Sharpen the Saw.