A Mad Zombie Party

Harley Cannon


After the tragic betrayal incident of Milla's half that cause the death Frosty's girlfriend Kat. Frosty must learn to deal and live with Milla. After a while Forsty starts to want Milla and the love between Frosty and Kat fades. Milla starts to fall for frosty also. an accident of shooting Milla with poison and not the zombies becomes their big problem. along with the raise of Anima Industry's. Where does their path leads and love fall?


-Frosty ( aston martin )

-Milla(Camilla Marks Rivers Brother Frosty Guard)

-Ali Bell (Coles girlfriend Kats Best friend)


-Bronx (slayer Reeves boyfriend)

-Caroline Marks (Milla dead sister)

-Chance (loves Boyfriend thing Rives crew and millas ex)

-Cole Holland (frosty best friend alis boyfriend

-Dan Weber (doctor)

-Emma Bell (Alis dead sister witness)

-Nana "Emmaline Bradley"(Alis Grandmother)-

-Eric (Rivers crew ex of Milla)

-Gavin ( Jaclyn boyfriend and Coles crew)

-Jaclyn Silverstone (Gavins Girlfriend )

-Jason(Waiter at hearts)

-Justin Silverstone (Jaclyns brother )

-Kat (Kathryn Parker Dead Frosty ex and Alis best friend )

-Mace (Dead slayer affair with Milla)

-Love "Mackenzie love " (Coles ex thing with Chance )

-Marty (Rivers crew)

-Tyler Holland (Coles Dad)

-Rebecca Smith (enemy Runs Anima Industries )

-Reeve Ankh ( Bronx Girlfriend Doctor )

-River Marks( Millas brother )

-Roger(slayer Millas ex rivers crew)

-Teresa (Kats cousin )

-Tiffany Reynolds (under Control Of Rebecca Smith )

Character Analysis

Frosty is a rough and tough character. He doesn't take anything from anyone. He also starts to take up for Milla and beats up her ex. frosty is also a slayer (slays zombies). Frosty is also loving and caring. Even tho Milla caused his ex girl friends death he starts to fall for her. He defended her and took up for her. later on he starts to worry about her all the time and follows her around even though he claims not to care

Quote:" Frosty strides over and drills Rodger in the back of the head. As Roger crumbles, Frosty slams a fist into Eric's nose......."

"Anyone else wan to try and make mMilla uncomfortable ? "


1) Never judge someone until you know why they did it and there past.

2) hate can turn to love as fast as love can fade

Important Event

As Anima Industry upraises again with Rebecca smith the leader still problems began. zombies appear the same as the last group and they capture Frosty and Milla. Milla is told to save Frosty she must betray the crew again. With the help of kat, Milla is able to save frosty and the crew. While trying to save Frosty Alis vision comes true . Milla dies but is pushed back down to ear the by kat.


I recommend this book/ series to female high schools students and above to love romance in a rough way to get it from a hard start with mistakes.