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Middle School Students Should Be Drug Tested

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I truly believe that drug testing in middle school should be a thing. Tons of thousands of kids are dying each year from the early drug use. Kids these days have access to tons more than a parent could know about. Including, social media, private apps, drugs, inappropriate games/websites, etc. Most kids in america are keeping things to themselves are just keeping them from parents. If drug testing becomes a thing at every middle school in america, most kids will know that they need to turn themselves in to their parents. Middle school students should be drug tested because it will help with being a young athlete, It will help with kids health, It will help with the most harmful drug use.

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Middle school students should be drug tested because it will help with being an athlete. Everyone knows that drugs are such a horrible thing for your body. Espically kids/teens, until you become an adult, you arent done growing and it affects how ones body can work. New York Times quotes that, " Schools in several states now require drug testing for kids who want to participate in school sports/clubs, starting in middle school. " I agree that kids should be able to take that kind of test to get to do something that they want to do. If every kids is being honet, it will be no problem to have drug testing before joining anything. For example, olympic athletes must do urine samples to prove they arent on anything, the same for any other professional athletes. To be an athlete you have to be healthy in any way, shape or form. Drugs are something that is very harmful for your body, they are chemicals that damage your body. Drugs arent good for anyone unless it is a prescription drug. Illegal drugs can hurt your heart, brain, and other important organs in the body. The certain drugs are illegal for a reason, they are the most harmful. In my opinion, if you are interested in any type of sport, you need to stay away! According to The World Anti-Doping Agency, anabolic steroids represented more then 50% of reported incidents.
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Middle school students should be drug tested because it will help with kids health. Tons of kids die each year from drugs. I believe that by doing drug tests, kids will get confronted from drugs. Smoking is on of the worst thing a kid/teen can to their bodies. Yet every single day about 3,900 kids between the ages of 12-17 start smoking. I hope no kid after this article doesn't dare try any type of drug. I know for sure that i want to live long enough to see the world! Middle school students don't smoke, about every 1 in 16 kids smoke. Most high school students dont smoke either, about every 1 in 5 do ( that means 4 out of 5 dont). Most kids dont like smoking, smoke smells but some drugs dont. Some kids have to find the right drug that makes then feel better, but talking to someone, writing things down in a journal, is better than trying drugs to help. Cigarettes and smokeless tobacco kill hundreds o thousnpands of people each year. The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids created red bracelets with the number 1,200 on them, thats how many people die each day from smoking or other drugs.


Middle school students should be drug tested because it will help with the most harmful drug addictions. Most kids turn to drugs because of stress of depression. If they are being bullied at school or online, if they have to much going on at school, if they are going through something at home.... It may lead to drugs or something else harmful. I truly feel bad for anything that has something going on like that. 11.7% of kids have said that marijuana has been the top used drug in the 8th grade, 35.1% of kids say that marijuana is the top used drug in the 12th grade. Marijuana is so harmful, it would be terrible for someone that is about to go to the next grade and cant since they did something bad. Teen/Pre-Teens in a newly released national study have reported that almost 1 in 5 of theyre classmates, use drugs, and smoke during the day.
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No kid needs to try drugs, stay close to freinds!⬆️