Math lab and Literacy Lab

What is Math lab and Literacy Lab?

These labs are an additional, separate setting for students and teachers to come one time during their math class or ELA class each month (with all blocks). In "lab", we do center work and engage students through fast paced task cards, games, manipulatives and opportunities to collaborate and create. The technology facilitator or Media Specialist (with teacher input during PLC and email communication) plans the lessons, sends them to the teacher in advance to preview, and then leads the lesson. Since the teachers stays in the room to assist, he/she is available to circulate and provide one on one assistance to groups and individuals while another certified teacher manages other students and also provides one on one help.


The goal for students is to engage them with centers, manipulatives, iPads, new technology and websites, creation and collaboration. We also incorporate student choice and differentiate for different levels of learning, as much as possible! The goal for teachers is to bring their class to a separate setting and learn a new technology, strategy, or tool that is demonstrated through the lesson. For example, rather than me tell teachers that Educreations is an amazing tool to let students create explanations of math problems, I signed kids up, logged them in and led them through the creation process. Also, for ELA, students use ChatterPix as a creative way to present the theme and main idea for a short story. After using these tools in "lab", it makes the teacher's end run a little more seamlessly when they take this back to their classroom to use!

How do we decide on the Lessons?

The technology facilitator and Media Specialist attends the PLC of the grade level she has the following week and gets ideas of objectives, technologies, and ideas they would like to see covered. She then plans the lesson and sends it to the teachers by Friday of that week so they can preview the lesson and be prepared to help teach.

Sample Lesson

Student Example from Lesson

This Video is private due to student names and can only be viewed with permission.