Dangerous Tropical Island Animals

Animals to Watch out for when Lost on an Island

Insects and Reptiles

Brown Recluse-found near human habitation,this spider has a tissue destroying hemotoxin. After twelve hours, redness/swelling develop. Bites may take one year to heal.

Banana Spider- world's most venemous spider that lives in moist environments. Pain goes from painfull swelling to asphyxiation. Bites may be fatal after two hours.

Scolopendra Gigantea- reaches up to one foot and can outrun a small child. These centipede-looking creatures eat anything from lizards to tarantulas and birds to bats. These painfull insects inflict injuries such as severe itching/redness or extreme swelling.

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The Carribbean Scorpion

  • may cause small swelling
  • reaches two inches
  • can glow bright yellow and green
  • has enough poison to kill giant centipedes
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Mosquitos carry many diseases such as typhoid and malaria. Theycan be detered in a variety of ways. One way is to rub citrus smelling fruit on your skin to deter these pests. Making camp away from swamps will also help from mosquitos. Finally, don't use perfume, or any potient soap beforehand, because it attracts mosquitos.
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