Welcome to NC's Agronomy department

By:Kevin Gomez

About our department

Our department tries to learn about land,rocks,weathering,and soil they are wondering if you guys could volunteer and work there we'll tell you all about it.The department goes out and explore the world trying to see and learn different things about rocks,there trying to find out what happened to the rocks
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Chemical changes the rock type. Water, carbon dioxide, and oxygen are the main chemical agents. It also known as decay and decomposition.

Mechanical brakes rocks into smaller pieces, ice wedging breaks the rock There are also three types of weathering water, ice, wind.

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Soil texture is an on organic part of soil made of different particals like sandy and granite rocks

Soil Horizon Is soil that is both different from both layers and colorize grass and dirt.

Soil Formation is how soil forms, it forms from rocks breaking down and then the minerals get mixed

Soil composition soil is a mixture of rock particles and it only keeps inorganic minerals

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Remote sensing is all of the technology that we've used to get all of the data we have know like satellites for drawing the world map and finding out the world isn't flat learning why we go in circles on earth the way we do. We could also find lots of info about soil.
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Importance of soil, soil is important because without it we wouldn't be living today because we normally relied on crops and vegetables to give us nutrients and good body's but without good soil we could not get all of that.
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common misuses are the fact that people dig up the soil so when we try to farm it's no longer fertile and they use it for granite. People put buildings on good soil so it turns bad. Farmers usually don't put there crops in the right direction.

Consequences are that the soil grows very slowly so it might take more than 100 years and we couldn't grow any food

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Soil stewardship farmers are trying there best to keep us going by growing more and more vegetables but they put compost to make the soil fertile

Agronomy is looking for more ways to keep our soil fertile and safe so we can live fine and without worry that our vegetables won't die out so they are showing you how important It is