4 Inspiring Movie Locations Found

4 Inspiring Movie Locations Found in Most Movies

For filming good movies, great set-up and background is required. There are some places on the face of this planet, which are counted as inspiring movie locations by Directors and Scriptwriters of movies.

Movies are not just a source of entertainment, but they give you a glimpse of different parts of the world. A movie is like a small journey, wherein people are mused by the actions and sequences happening around different places.

Making a movie is simple; all you need is camera, a group of actors, and a storyline. But making a great movie is as difficult as painting a fine landscape on the canvas. You cannot just paint a great picture with colors and paintbrush, unless you have the image of a great setting running in your mind. Similarly, you cannot shoot great movies, unless you choose some fine spot to roll the film.

For decades, several great destinations have been filmed in movies. Of them, here are the top 4 inspiring movie locations, which have compelled many directors to produce some fine movies.

Monument Valley – The Arid Rock Formation

In most of the cowboy films, this valley can be easily spotted. Rays of rising sun shining over the stratified layers of sandstone make this valley a perfect background for movies. John Ford shot at least nine movies, which include the famous cowboy blockbusters: StageCoach and The Searchers. Don’t forget, the famous rock climbing of Mission Impossible 2 was also shot here.

Greystone Mansion

For all the royal scenes and opulent roll-outs, this mansion has offered the perfect stage to actors and directors. The likable chequered floor of this mansion can be spotted in classic love stories like I want Love and I’ll Do Anything for Love. Even in action adventure films like Spider man, this mansion plays a great role. Other movies shot here include the social network, the bodyguard, National Treasure, and The Prestige.

Hatfield House – The Lavished Home

This house is located in England, and stands tall from eighteenth century. It has been filmed as the house of famous superheroes like Batman. Recently, Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider was also filmed here. This place is a classic coalescence of amber furniture, chequered flooring, sleazy couches, and archetypal stairways, which talk loudly about the riches.

Vasquez Rocks

You will surely spot this place in many classical sci-fi movies like Star Trek. This place is located in Agua Dulce, California, and is famous for its slanted rock formation. These rocks have made an appearance in almost 40 films, and known to be named after a cowboy, Tiburcio Vasquez.

These are the four of the most inspiring places found on Earth, which have compelled movie directors to film some fine scenes.