Dear parents,

First of all we would like to thank all of you for all the support we have received in our Recycling unit. It has been quite enlightening and it has managed to ignite in our children the spark of environmental responsibility and care. Our students have become more aware of how our actions impact our surroundings and mostly they are now taking on new behaviors to make the necessary changes that our Earth so desperately needs. The concept of reducing, reusing and recycling is now a part of their daily life and we hope you continue to support it at home. We cannot make any significant changes without everyone’s collaboration.

Our children continued to use their imagination to create their own games and objects made of recycled materials and this gave them the opportunity to engage in some very significant interactions with their peers. Making musical instruments with the different junk materials was also a very popular activity here in class. They were also engaged in finishing off their master pieces for the art show we will have next Friday.

We continued to practice our counting, rhyming and writing skills through a variety of games and activities. These are important skills we will need to build on as we move on to Kindergarten. As we soon approach the end of our school year, we are now moving on to our final unit entitled Getting Ready for Kindergarten. Therefore, exposing children to a variety of experiences that will allow them to practice specific kinder skills and objectives. The goal behind this unit is to help make the transition into Kinder much smoother so that they feel comfortable and familiar with the changes.


Uses number concepts and operations

Demonstrates gross motor manipulative skills

Explores and describes spatial relationships and shapes

Demonstrates concept of print and its uses




DRAMATIC PLAY/Crayon and paper factory




Sofia's family came this week to share some delicious treat with us!!!! THANK YOU MRS. LUCIA!!!!
KINDNESS is still happening in PK 4.3! Thank you Tomas, Hannali, Camila and Ignacio!!! :) Let's keep growing our Kindness Tree!
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1. May 2th: NO SCHOOL!

2. May 4th: PINK SHIRT DAY (An initiative to promote kindness and stop bullying!)

3. May 6th: ART SHOW. Please take a minute to RSVP to our event.

4. SAVE THE DATE: Our Moving On/End of the Year Celebration will be on JUNE 9TH at 8:30am


Friday, May 6th, 10:30-11:30am

PK Area

We're excited to have you here for this year's Art Show! Come ready to have fun and a "sensory experience".

If you're new in ISP, the ART SHOW is an activity we organize to raise funds for one kid from the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Please make sure to enter our PK Area at the designated time. We'll kindly ask you a $1.00 donation for the entrance.
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