Helen Keller changes lives

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Helen's childhood

Learning to read, write and understand how to speak and how others speak isn't the easiest thing. Helen Keller knows this feeling. Helen was born June 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama. In 1882 she got very sick and was pronounced deaf, blind, and mute. She would often react quite enthusiastically whenever something good or bad would happen. She would have horrible tantrums, eat her food with her hands, and laugh loudly when happy. She grew up to the age of 6 going on 7, not knowing how to write, speak, read, or understand. It wasn't until 1807 when Helen's parents called Anne Sullivan that Helen's life would change forever. Anne Sullivan worked at a school for the blind and deaf but never for one person with both disabilities. Anne was very dedicated to helping Helen even though she didn't want to help herself at first.

The struggle of being deaf and blind

Helen grew as blind and deaf, her parents didn't do much to help at first. They just let her do whatever she wanted because they thought she didn't know better and felt bad for her having the disabilities she did. When Helen's parents called Anne Sullivan, Anne was so excited to be helping a child in need. At first Helen was cooperative but then she started having fits and tantrums from getting frustrated and would just give up and stop trying. Anne didn't allow this. She put her foot down and taught Helen the right and wrong way to do things. She didn't allow and bad behavior from Helen. The first day they started learning Helen learned 30 words and gave up. Anne realized that Helen was using the wrong words for different objects. It took years of struggling, but Anne and Helen got closer and Anne even helped Helen all through high school and college. Anne kept teaching the deaf and blind while Helen went on to be a motivational and inspirational speaker. Helen also became a writer and wrote 10 different books in 5 different ways including braille. They turned out to be successful women.
How Helen Keller Learned to Talk.
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