Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming my fear of singing in front of a crowd

The Obstacle

This year i got into Select choir and my teacher has people sing the star- spangled- banner at basketball games. People were quickly signing up to perform. I kinda wanted to but not by myself because i was afraid of singing in front of people. I didn't like signing in front of my family or my friends because i was so afraid.
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Time to sign up

So i asked my teacher if i could sing with a group or a friend and she said yes! Me and my friend practiced so many times until it was perfect. I couldn't wait to perform. But then something hit me. I AM AFRAID OF PERFORMING IN FRONT OF PEOPLE.

Performance night

It was time to perform. I was wearing my Webb City skirt and shirt and i was ready to perform. Except for the fact that i am extremely nervous. When we got to the game we practiced a few times and it sounded pretty good. Then the people gave us a microphone and it was time to perform.
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Performing wasn't all that bad. I really had a great time. Doing that kinda showed me that i really can do anything. After that i tried out for the school play and i got a main part i enjoyed that also. I am glad i overcame my fear of performing in front of people.