What Accent?

American English Pronunciation

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In your Initial Evaluation, you will be told what sounds, rhythm, and intonation in the English language could be worked on so that you sound clear and are easy to understand in English. You will be evaluated be a professional, personable, experienced Accent Reduction Coach. At the end of your evaluation, you will receive a document indicating which aspects of the English language are your challenge areas.

What we do

At What Accent?, we know that there is a way people learn a skill such as an accent, and this is based in neuroscience. That's why we take a structured, step-by-step approach. In the first lesson, we teach you the elemental component of English we'd like to correct in your accent. We show you the right way to do it. Then you practice. We review what you've learned the next time, and move onto the following topic, building a foundation. This is a method that ensures success, and our clients feel satisfied as they watch their progress from week to week. Our program is customized to your specific accent.