CAPS Safety Information


How do I report a safety concern or threat?

Contact law enforcement (231) 779-9211 or 911

Tell an adult at school

Report it to OK2SAY

What should I do if there is an emergency at school?

Every school building has an emergency operations plan written in coordination with local and state emergency service providers (police, fire, ems, etc.) that include action steps for the following emergencies:

  • severe weather (incidents such as a thunderstorm, tornado, ice storm, blizzard, or flood which requires the Cadillac Area Public Schools to take emergency protective measures)
  • fire (a fire in a building or on the grounds of the Cadillac Area Public Schools requiring emergency protective measures to be implemented)
  • environmental hazard (an incident such as a hazardous materials release, exterior threat, or another incident that requires district employees, teachers, and students to remain inside)
  • first aid/Medical (incidents that require district staff and teachers to provide emergency care)
  • power outage (incidents where there is an electrical power failure, gas line break, water main or sewer break, telephone outage, computer network or internet outage impacting the Cadillac Area Public Schools District requiring action to be taken)
  • evacuation (incidents such as a fire, internal chemical release, bomb threat, or other incidents which require district employees, teachers, and students to leave the building)
  • bomb threat/suspicious package (guidance on handling suspicious packages and during a suspected or actual bomb threat on or impacting the Cadillac Area Schools requiring emergency protective measures to be implemented)
  • secure mode (incidents when the potential for external threats arise in the surrounding area, actions will commence to secure the building and occupants)
  • lockdown (incidents such as an active shooter, criminal incident, exterior threat, or other incidents which requires district employees, teachers, and students to remain inside to protect occupants and minimize overall exposure to danger)
  • reunification (provide for the orderly and coordinated reunification of students and families if an emergency situation occurs that warrants evacuating Cadillac Area Public Schools for an extended period of time)

The parent's/guardian's role in each of these emergencies is to wait for school communication via our notification system. The staff and students practice these procedures multiple times throughout the year. We will do an emergency test two times a year- September and January. These are our open enrollment windows when we tend to have new students enrolling. It is important to update emergency contact information.

If your contact information changes at any time throughout the year, please call the individual buildings to update your information. In the event of an emergency, please do NOT come to the building. We know our instincts as parents are to get our children to safety, but please understand we will need to secure the facility and surrounding areas to allow for emergency personnel to have clear access to buildings. We have a reunification plan for each building and would provide that information to parents using our notification system.

What are our schools doing to keep our kids safe?

  • All buildings have a secure entry and remain locked throughout the day
  • All PreK-8 buildings have panic buttons (Cadillac High School will in 2023)
  • All classrooms have locks and remain locked throughout the day
  • All buildings have both internal and external security cameras
  • All buildings have high-frequency radios that have an emergency channel for emergency services
  • Each building has an Emergency Operations Plan that is reviewed and approved by Law Enforcement and the Board of Education every year
  • CAPS employs a full-time police officer in partnership with the Cadillac Police Department as well as a full-time security officer.
  • All staff are trained on emergency policies and procedures every year
  • All Emergency Operation Plans and procedures are practiced multiple times a year with staff and students
  • Every building has at least one school counselor to provide support services to our students
  • All buildings have access to additional services for behavior and mental health
  • A district-wide alert system is in place to be used for communication
  • External agreements with local organizations and agencies are in place to support our schools and our Emergency Operations Plans
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