Monday Message

From the desk of Dr. Harrell

October 4, 2021

I hope each one of you had a wonderful weekend and a marvelous Monday. Just a quick reminder, we won’t have a Monday Message next week as we all will be on Fall Break. Another reminder Monday, October 11th, changed from a ‘Professional Development’ day to a ‘Flex Day.’ The main impetus behind this calendar change was to give us one more arrow in our quiver to continue to move past this virus. It will provide us an extended time and opportunity to social distance. The numbers within our district have continued to decline over the past two weeks, and hoping this week will provide a similar trend leading into Fall Break. During Fall Break, I encourage everyone to remember good health habits. Also, as we continue to be disrupted by COVID, the Flu season is on its way.

Despite all that we have had to deal with, this school year has started very well. We know many of our students come to us with learning gaps. These past 19 months have exacerbated what we already knew. The only way to overcome this is to have our students with us in person. Our district mission (to ensure each student has an excellent foundation to reach his or her goals through; personalized, rigorous instructions, global experiences, a dedicated staff with high expectations, community commitment and pride in the achievement of all students) must be met by moving forward with collective energy and pride. Not one of us is as innovative and effective as all of us. Through this week and when we return, we will continue to demonstrate to all that we are determined to provide exceptionally engaging and rich educational experiences and opportunities to the children of our community and our future.

As we move into the last week of the first quarter, I have to say how impressed I have been with the focus and resiliency of our teachers, staff, students, parents, and community. The success of our educational settings has come from the strength, determination, and fortitude our staff members have put forth, allowing our students to embrace their education. This year has not come without disruption, and I would be foolish to think we won’t encounter more disruption throughout this school year, but we must stay positively focused on our purpose and mission.

Stay Salty!

I believe in U!

Dr. Harrell



Batesville Elementary

Batesville PreK and Kindergarten Students are learning about Fire Prevention by listening to the read-aloud Clifford Goes to the Fire Station. Students participated in a great discussion as to what to do if something or someone was to catch on fire. Then they drew a picture of a situation of a fire. Mrs. Simpson, presented each student with a fire hat as they completed their work.

Crossroads Academy

A Message from Dr. Lopez...All You Need Is Love?

After four-plus years of study in the University of Texas @ San Antonio's Educational Doctoral program, I learned so much, but I came away feeling like John Lennon and the Beatles summed up education and life better than anything I pulled from my studies: "All you need is love." While that is definitely an oversimplification, I feel genuinely in the power of love, and I've come to be certain that everything good is made better through love, and every challenge is more bearable through love. Love is the foundation of everything we do and strive to do at Crossroads Academy, DAEP, and New Hope Day Care. It's a love fueled by the example of our Uvalde CISD leadership and colleagues, and nourished by our students, their families, and our community partnerships with St. Phillips, Crossroads Community Church, & the Leader-News.

Dalton Elementary

Writer's Workshop in Action...

Students in Mrs. Olivarez's first-grade classroom work on a writer's workshop. They were engaged and eager to share their ideas and skills with each other. The writer's workshop in Mrs. McCullough's first-grade classroom uses detail to create sentences in their journal writing. The students color-code their details with markers and crayons to identify writing components. Mrs. McCullough's students shared their ideas for writing topics and select from student responses.

Flores Elementary

Fabulous Flores 10/01/2021

Morales JH

Morales Moments of Success 10/01/2021

Robb Elementary

On Thursday, September 30th Robb Elementary hosted an Open House! The event featured a Title One presentation, meet the teacher, student-led class tours, and kicked off the World’s Best Chocolate fundraiser. Parents enjoyed having their personal tour guide who led them through the school and shared classroom work. Robb students embraced the opportunity to shine!

Uvalde High School

Uvalde High School Students showcase their heritage at "Around the World Heritage Night" held on Wednesday, September 29th. Students proudly explained their displays sharing heritage highlights. This was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about our students and find commonalities between the UHS students and staff.
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KVOU District Update

On Thursday, September 30th, our district was represented on Coyote Country 104.9 KVOU by Dr. Harrell, Mandy Gutierrez, and Abraham Contreras. The interview segment included a shout-out to the UHS Choir Students who earned State Gold and State Silver medals, an invite to attend FAFSA Night and campus updates by Ms. Gutierrez and Mr. Contreras. It was a great opportunity for us to share district information.
KVOU District News for U on Thursday, September 30, 2021
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