2015 Year in Review

Ben S.

The Three Companies that Marketed Themselves the Best - Apple

Apple has made themselves the name of the game. When you buy an apple product, you don't buy a smartphone. You buy an iPhone. You don't buy songs, but iTunes. They have created a market where they are the basic unit - every other product is compared to theirs. This gives them tons of mindshare.

Also, they have continued to have dedicated consumers who will buy their products just because of the brand name.

Finally, they made the unpacking and installing processes and excited and anticipated experience. This causes people to make videos when they open new products, giving Apple free marketing.

In the third quarter of 2015, Apple had a net profit of $10.7 million, much greater than the $7.7 million that they gained in the third quarter of 2014.

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Disney using Social Media to Stay on Top

Disney had great successes in 2015, topping it off at the end of the year with "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" which gained 1 billion dollars in a record 12 days. Their advertising was so successful because of their presence on Social Media.

Disney created low-costing vines. They had nothing to do with products, but they captured Disney's inventiveness and wonder. A 'Vine your Disney side' competition was held. These 6-second films easily go viral, causing great advertising for a low price that people enjoy.

Also, Disney has been able to give free content that makes people feel like they are getting something of value while still teasing them to buy paid-for content. They do this by creating new, innovative content such as how-to beauty guides that copy Disney princesses.

In closing, Disney has used innovation in Social Media to be a dominant company in 2015.

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Starbucks has succeeded in marketing, not from ads, but from employees.

Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz wrote, "[Employees are the true ambassadors of our brand, the real merchants of romance and theater... [they will] personally elevate the experience for each customer."

Starbucks has done their advertising by creating an experience that consumers enjoy. This creates a loyal consumer base that will always come for more.

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The Best Products of 2015

The iPhone 6S plus was one of the best products. All advancing in technology are huge stepping stones on the pathway to the future. Advances such as these broadens the limitless horizon of technological advancement and opportunity.

Also, the Amazon Echo is a great advancement in technology. Amazon took the old ideas of Siri and brought it to a whole new level. They took it out of a cell phone and made almost a house assistant that can perform many jobs.

The Worst Products of 2015

First, the hoverboard. Although this is great technology, it was dangerous and ruined many people's Christmases. The toy is responsible for 21 fires and dozens of ER visits as of the 28th of December, 2015.

Also, the gun-shaped iPhone case. This product is illogical to begin with. the phones are designed to be able the fit into your pocket and your hand easily and this takes that design away. Also, with rising gun-related deaths in the US, this case is far from friendly.

The Two Best Movies of 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

It really doesn't matter what you think about this movie. It got a billion dollars in a week. It is the best movie of 2015.

After they released the trailer, it was EVERYWHERE. All over social media, all over the news, it was even shown in classrooms. This was the easiest marketing job I have seen in a long time because people were looking for this to come out.

Inside Out

This is such a great movie because of the innovation and creativity used. Nothing like it has been done, so it brings a new type of movie to the table. Because of this innovation, it earned $853,597,971 in the Worldwide Box Office.

Two Best Musical Artists

Before "Hello" I didn't know who Adelle was. Now it's hard to find someone who doesn't know her. She did this through her advertising. Her first ad was a mystery put on during the U.K's X-Factor, which only showed the first few lines. Speculation ran wild through the world as Adelle's team stayed silent. This suspense and tension lead the song to be extremely popular very early on.

I hate to say it, but Justin Bieber came back. He took some time off, matured, and made singing about the music once more. This cause him to have sit songs in 2015 after a long break, such as "Where Are U Now", which hit number 8 on the top 100 chart.

Top 10 Apps (Time)

1. HBO Now

2. Snapchat

3. Starbucks Mobile Ordering

4. Periscope

5. Clean

New Year's Resolutions

Personal Improvement: Go to bed before 9:00 on most nights. This will help me in school and in Track.

Family and Friends: Take more of an interest in other people's life, including my friends at school, parents, and grandparents. Let them know that I care.

School: Do homework the day that it is assigned, rather than the next day. You get the most that you can out of block scheduling when you don't get use to it and you do homework every night.