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What Is The Renaissance?

The Renaissance was a time of music, fun, and laughter, but don’t forget the food! This time period left a huge impact on life today. They had queens, kings, dancers, and musicians. In this article you will learn about, important facts, famous people, and how the Renaissance changed the world.

Important Facts To Know

Did you know that the Renaissance started more than 600 years ago? It started around the 1350’s to 1400’s. The Renaissance started in Florence, Italy. During this time period they did a lot of dancing, playing music, and painting. They painted for example, the Mona Lisa. They also had from bagpipe players to gypsies. This was an energetic time period!
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Famous People

There were very many famous people during the Renaissance. But who? I’m sure we all know who Leonardo da Vinchi was of course! We all know he painted the Mona Lisa. But what else? Did you know that he was known as “the Renaissance man”? Leonardo was born, April 14, 1452, and died, May 2, 1519. Another famous person was Giotto di Bondone? Who is he? Giotto was considered the first Renaissance painter! Though he sadly died, January 8, 1337. Another Renaissance painter was Raphael. Raphael was known for his perfection and grace. He was born in 1483, and died in 1520.These aren’t the only people there were lots more!

How The Renaissance Changed The World

The Renaissance left a huge impact on life, but how? Just like how we celebrate with the Kc Renaissance Festival. Tickets cost, for kids 5 and under they free! Kids 6-12 are $10, but on an online discount they’re $8. Lastly 13+ is $22, with an online discount it is $19. This festival is through September 5 thru October 18, rain or shine! But only on Saturdays and Sundays. They also have lots of food like, turkey legs, apple dumplings, and potato skins. That proves that we still look back on the Renaissance, another example is this here article!
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Now That You Know

Now you know how the Renaissance started, famous people, and how the Renaissance changed the world. With all of this information you are now a Renaissance expert! I hope you use all of this information and visit the kc Renaissance Festival. Lastly now I hope you now know the wonders of the Renaissance...

Power Words

Gypsies- Gypsies are believed to have arrived in Europe from northern India in the 1400's. They were called Gypsies because Europeans believed that they had came from Egypt.

Renaissance- The term Renaissance is derived from the French word meaning rebirth. The period of European history referred to as the Renaissance was a time of great social and cultural change in Europe.

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