BY:andrew foster

finding potassium

potassium was discovered as an element by sir humpfrey davy of england.He was doing a study when he found out that it was an element but before that it was mixed with animal lard to make soap.

properties of potassium

potasssium turns black within seconds of reacting with air.it is a highly malleable element.It has a Density: .856g/cc anda. Melting Point:63.38celsius Boiling Point:759celsius


it has 19 protons 20 neutrons and 19 electrons potassium is atomic number 19 and has and atomic mass of 39.0983. it is a 4.0 on the mohs hardness scale. the conductivity is 0.139 106/cm Ω. IT is a highly malleable material. Potassium has no major isotypes.


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