Rocketeer Newsletter

Rock Creek Elementary - November 21, 2019

Rock Creek is a candidate school for
the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme

Rocketeer Rockets

Rock Creek School Hours- Monday thru Friday 8:30-3:00

Please Note: There is no early release this year.

Upcoming Events

11/21 Middle School Boundary Meeting 6:30 pm (at Conestoga Middle School)

11/22 Picture Retakes 8:40-10:15 am

11/25 Spirit Day

11/27 School Closed- Thanksgiving Break

11/28 School Closed - Thanksgiving

11/29 School Closed- Thanksgiving Break

12/2 No School for Students- Staff Development Day

12/6 OBOB Meeting for 3-5 gr teams during their lunch recess (updated)

12/6 Choir Field Trip 10:15-1:30 pm

12/23-1/3- School Closed- Winter Break

1/6 Vision Screening K-5

1/7 Art Lit Training 7 pm (Art Lit Portable)

1/8 Art Lit Training 9 am (Art Lit Portable)

1/10 OBOB Meeting for 3-5 gr teams during their lunch recess

1/15 Principal Chat 6:00 pm

1/15 PTC Meeting 6:30 pm

End of the Day Car Pick Up -Time Change and More

Our car pick up room is reaching capacity. If your child is on a bus route, we encourage you to have them ride the bus.

Please note: Car pick up time is now 3:10 pm to 3:20 pm.

Change of After School Plans- Please Send a Note

Please be sure that your child knows what they are doing after school, before they leave in the morning. If there is a change to their normal dismissal plans, please send a note with your child. If we don’t have a note, students will be sent home per their normal plan.

If you need to make weekly changes to your child's after-school plan, please email the teacher with all the dates and details. We ask that phone calls with change of plans be limited to emergencies only. Urgent messages should not be left on teacher voice mails during the school day. Teachers pick up after school notes at their lunch time. We cannot guarantee that last minute changes will be delivered after 2:00 pm. Thanks for helping us limit classroom disruptions.

If your child attends an after school class at Rock Creek, please send a note to their teacher letting them know the class name, time and dates.

Picture Retake Day- Nov. 22nd 8:40-10:15 AM

School Picture Retake Day is coming up on Friday, November 22nd. If your child was absent on our October Picture Day, now is your chance to have their school pictures taken. Order forms will be available on the Community Table outside the school office on Nov. 18th.

If you did not like your child’s picture and want to have retakes, please be sure to send the original picture packet with your child so they can turn it in when they have their picture retaken.

Retake day for Rock Creek Elementary is quickly approaching. If we did not see you on picture day or you would like a new image, Dorian Studio will be taking pictures on 11/22/2019. Do not miss out on ordering pictures of your student.

Pre-orders for picture packages may be placed online at using Rock Creek Elementary's access key, BF2YWA7Z. Online pre-orders using your school's access key are available up to 4 days after retake day. After the 4-day grace period, parents can call the customer advocate department at (800) 826-3535 to place an order.

Pre-Order Online

For order accuracy, please return your completed envelope on picture day for all payment types. Para la exactitud de su pedido, por favor devuelva su sobre el día de fotografía para todos los tipos del pago.

Spirit Day

Monday November 25 is Rock Creek Elementary Spirit Day - a reward for reaching our Rocket Run fundraising goal. Students should wear their Rocket Run t-shirt and teachers will work with their classroom to determine a classroom reward.

All students who have not won a prize will be entered into a raffle for posters and t-shirts signed by Barley from the Hillsboro Hops.

Thanks to your hard work, we've exceeded our fundraising goal of $32,000 - our current total is slightly over $38,000! Thank you Rock Creek.

School Closed

Thanksgiving Break

Wednesday, Nov 27th thru Friday, Nov 29th

No School For Students

Staff Development Day

Monday, December 2nd

Choir News


The Rock Creek Choir will be performing at Washington Square Mall located at 9585 SW Washington Square Rd., Portland, OR 97223. The performance time is at 11:00AM.


The Rock Creek choir will be performing at the Beaverton Tree Lighting event located at the Beaverton City Park 12500 SW 4th St., Beaverton, OR 97005. Since this is an evening performance there will not be transportation provided! The performance time is at 6:00PM. They will meet at the Beaverton City Library, which is located directly across from the Beaverton City Park, at 5:00PM. The events coordinator has provided a rehearsal space, in the library, for them to meet and warm-up. At 5:40 they will walk to the performance location where they will sing at 6:00PM. There may be more detailed information, about this event, in the near future from the Mr. Gonzalez.


On this day, the choir will be performing at the Springs at Tanasbourne Senior Living located at 1950 NW 192nd Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97006. Since this is an evening performance there will not be transportation provided! They will meet in the lobby at 6:00PM and then go together into the dining room where they will begin our performance at 6:30PM. 5TH grade parents who saw this performance last year are encouraged to wait in the lobby because of limited space. This year’s fourth grade parents may watch the performance form the back of the dining room.

Reports Cards Going Paperless!

The Beaverton School District is transitioning to electronic report cards for all students. The electronic report cards will be accessed through ParentVUE (mobile and desktop). If you have not set up your ParentVUE account, you will need to do that by January 2020.

There are resources and guidance on how to set up a ParentVue account. Please view the FAQ for instructions on setting up your account. There are several benefits to moving to paperless report cards. You will be able to view grades days after grading days, rather than wait up to two weeks for a report card to come by mail or in your child’s backpack. In addition, moving away from paper is environmentally friendly and cost-effective for the District.

Please contact your school if you need help setting up or accessing your ParentVUE account or need assistance with a printed copy. We will be sharing more information about this transition in the coming weeks.

Las boletas de calificaciones se enviarán electrónicamente y no en papel

El Distrito Escolar de Beaverton está haciendo la transición a las boletas de calificaciones electrónicas para todos los estudiantes. De ahora en adelante usted podrá obtener las boletas de calificaciones electrónicas a través de la aplicación ParentVUE (por celular y computadora). Si todavía no ha configurado su cuenta de ParentVUE, deberá hacerlo antes de enero de 2020.

Tenemos recursos e instrucciones sobre cómo configurar una cuenta de ParentVue. Por favor consulte la sección de Preguntas Frecuentes donde podrá encontrar esta información.

Hay varios beneficios de solo recibir las boletas de calificaciones de manera electrónica. Usted las podrá ver de tres a cuatro días hábiles después de los días de calificación, en lugar de esperar hasta dos semanas para recibir una boleta de calificaciones por correo o en la mochila de su hijo. Además, deshacerse de la opción de papel ayuda al medio ambiente y es mas económico para el Distrito.

Por favor comuníquese con su escuela si necesita ayuda para configurar o entrar a su cuenta de ParentVUE o si necesita ayuda con una copia impresa. Estaremos compartiendo más información sobre esta transición en las próximas semanas.

PTC Student Directory

2019-2020 Rock Creek PTC Directory

Please fill out the form on the link below by December 1, 2019 if you would like to be included in the 2019-2020 PTC School Directory. The PTC is a separate entity from Rock Creek Elementary School, therefore by providing this information, you will be included in the PTC School Directory regardless of your FRPA selection with the school. Please provide only the information that you would like included in the directory. Leave any field blank that you do not want included in the directory.

We will compile this information and provide a printed directory to each family. The directory will not be available digitally or online.

This form must be completed by DECEMBER 1, 2019 to be included in the 2019-2020 Rock Creek PTC Directory.

This form includes two sections with student information and parent/guardian contact information. You must hit the "submit" button on the third screen to complete this form and submit your information.

New community partnership opens a world of reading!

The Beaverton School District and our Washington County Cooperative Library Services (WCCLS) partners are expanding access to library materials and resources via the public library Youth Access Card (YAC) for BSD students who do not already have a public library card. This special library card allows students to check out up to five print books or audiobooks from any WCCLS library without any overdue fines. It also provides access to ebooks, digital audiobooks, and other online library resources that can be obtained directly from their BSD Chromebooks or other device.

Using the Sora app, students can link their WCCLS library cards to the BSD digital library so they can browse and borrow BSD and public library ebook/audiobook collections in one place. Rolling distribution of the YAC cards to BSD schools will begin starting in November and continue through January. For more details about these cards, please see the the BSD webpage about the partnership.

Smarter Balance Test Update

Last spring, students in grades 3 – 8 and 11 in the Beaverton School District and throughout Oregon took the state tests (Smarter Balanced) in English Language Arts and Mathematics.

In addition to content standards, these assessments are designed to measure critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills. The test results provide you, our schools, our district and the state with information about how well we are preparing our students for their next steps including college and career readiness.

Our students will take these tests once between January and June 2020. House Bill 2655 permits parents and adult students to annually opt-out of Oregon’s statewide summative tests in English Language Arts and Math by submitting a form to the school the student attends. The school shall provide any student who is exempted from a state test with supervised study time while other students are testing.

Here is a link to additional information:

OBOB Information

The next student meeting is Friday, December 6th. It will now be the last meeting of the year. The third meeting has been moved to Friday January 10th to be closer to battle time. Email with any questions. Keep reading!

Middle School Boundary Adjustment

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, November 21, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. at Conestoga Middle School, 12250 SW Conestoga Dr., 97008 and the public will have the opportunity to participate in a similar visioning activity.

The Middle School Boundary Adjustment Advisory Committee held a public meeting last Tuesday at Stoller Middle School. The meeting was live streamed and the video is available on the Middle School Boundary Adjustment webpage.

The primary activity was a visioning workshop, where the public helped create the first set of themes for potential middle school boundaries. Everyone in attendance was at a table with approximately 6-8 people; they each had a large district-wide map and markers with which to work. The objective was for each table, as a group, to create a new boundary for the new middle school, reduce the size of Stoller Middle School, and amend other middle school boundaries to accommodate the changes created by the first two items.

This exercise was more qualitative than quantitative, forecast data was not provided on the maps at this meeting. The emphasis of the exercise was for participants to show the committee how they see their neighborhood identities, where “natural” boundaries (such as major roads, parks/open space, etc.) may be, and anything else that should be taken into consideration by the Committee. Committee members joined table groups throughout the room to listen in on the conversations.

The workshop maps have been posted to the Middle School Boundary Adjustment webpage.

Following the workshop staff will analyze the workshop maps and will provide the Committee with the data coming from those themes. This will serve as the starting point for the Committee's work in narrowing down a set of options to an eventual recommendation.

Dec 5 2019

Middle School Boundary Advisory Committee Meeting Subscribe to Alerts

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Cedar Park Middle School, 11100 SW Park Way, Portland, OR 97225

  • Meeting Packet
  • Video
  • 12/5/19 - 12/12/19 Comments
  • 12/13/19 -12/18/19 Comments

Dec 19 2019

Middle School Boundary Advisory Committee Meeting Subscribe to Alerts

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Mountain View Middle School, 17500 SW Farmington Road, Beaverton, OR 97007

  • Meeting Packet
  • Video
  • 12/19/19 - 12/26/19 Comments
  • 12/27/19 - 1/2/20 Comments
  • 1/3/20 - 1/9/20 Comments
  • 1/10/20 - 1/15/20 Comments

Jan 16 2020

Middle School Boundary Advisory Committee Meeting Subscribe to Alerts

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Highland Park Middle School, 7000 SW Wilson Avenue, Beaverton, OR 97008

  • Meeting Packet
  • Video
  • 1/16/20 -1/23/20 Comments
  • 1/24/20 - 1/29/20 Comments

Jan 30 2020

Middle School Boundary Advisory Committee Meeting Subscribe to Alerts

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Meadow Park Middle School, 14100 SW Downing Street, Beaverton, OR 97006

  • Meeting Packet
  • Video
  • 1/30/20 - 2/6/20 Comments
  • 2/7/20 - 2/12/20 Comments

Feb 13 2020

Middle School Boundary Advisory Committee Meeting Subscribe to Alerts

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Five Oaks Middle School, 1600 NW 173rd Ave., Beaverton, OR 97006

  • Meeting Packet
  • Video
  • 2/13/20 - 2/18/20 Comments
  • 2/19/20 - 2/24/20 Comments

Feb 25 2020

Middle School Boundary Advisory Committee Meeting Subscribe to Alerts

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Whitford Middle School, 7935 SW Scholls Ferry Road, Beaverton, OR 97008

  • Meeting Packet
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  • 2/25/20 - 3/3/20 Comments
  • 3/4/20 - 3/11/20 Comments

Mar 12 2020

Middle School Boundary Advisory Committee Meeting Subscribe to Alerts

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Administration Center, 16550 SW Merlo Road, Beaverton, OR 97003

  • Meeting Packet
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  • 2/25/20 - 3/3/20 Comments
  • 3/4/20 - 3/11/20 Comments

Thank You!!

Thank you to Wendy Scoles and all the wonderful volunteers who helped make the Fall Carnival a big success! We hope you all had a great night filled with smiles and fun! Thank you!

Connect with your Parent Teacher Club!

Volunteer opportunities, events and fundraising, oh my! Get the latest news on all your favorite PTC activities by connecting with us.



Text: text @rcptc to 81019

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Rocket Run classroom winner Dance Parties are Monday, November 25th and we need volunteers for the classrooms that won! Please sign up in Better Impact, put on your dancing shoes and LET'S DANCE

Spivey/Vogel/Herinckx 12:15-1:30pm

Neal/Helm/Beil 1:15-2:30pm

Please check the Rock Creek PTC Facebook page for updated information!

Thank you for volunteering!

Katie & Nancy

Volunteer Coordinators

Late Arrivals

Make arriving to school on time a priority. Students should arrive at school between 8:15 and 8:25 am and be in their classroom ready to learn by 8:30 am. Students who arrive late disrupt the entire class and miss important information teachers share about the plans for the day. Children who exhibit chronic lateness often struggle with organization in general. They may find it hard to keep track of personal items or forget to turn in homework. Helping them establish the habit of timeliness tends to have a positive ripple effect to other areas of life.

Help your child have a good start to their day by making sure they arrive to school on time!

School and District At-A-Glance Reports

School and District report cards for the 2018-19 school year are available at (Select Beaverton in the school or district search bar). We welcome the opportunity to share this information with you on the progress we are making to improve academic achievement for each student in the Beaverton School District. We are making progress.

In 1999, the Oregon Legislature enacted ORS 329.105 requiring that the Oregon Department of Education produce and issue annual report cards for all schools and districts. The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), signed by President Obama on December 10, 2015, encourages schools and educators to innovate and create systems that address local needs. As a part of this work, the Oregon Department of Education redesigned the School and District report cards to engage and inform families about their school’s approach to learning, academic and extracurricular offerings, and student performance.

The School At-A-Glance Profiles include graphics showing how a school or district compares to the statewide average in categories like chronic absenteeism, graduation rates, average class size and more. The profiles were developed with extensive input from Oregon families, including families of historically underserved students.

The data points represent a more comprehensive approach to evaluating and measuring a school’s impact on students. In five minutes or less parents can get the comprehensive look at their school or district that they’ve been requesting. All of these changes are part of Oregon’s Plan which is the state of Oregon’s plan for meeting federal requirements under the Every Student Succeeds Act.

Washington County Letter on Measles, Flu and Norovirus

We want to inform your school community about measles, the flu (influenza) and norovirus to minimize illness and keep kids in class. Please review this letter to learn how to prevent getting sick, symptoms to look for, and how to avoid passing the illness to others. Contact your health care provider for more information on these illnesses.

Staff and students need to stay home from school and activities when they are sick to prevent passing the illness to others. School districts follow Washington County Public Health and Oregon Health Authority school exclusion guidelines, which state that a child with flu-like symptoms, vomiting or diarrhea should stay home from school until 24 hours after their symptoms have gone away.

Please read the following letter from Washington County Department of Health and Human Services ― Disease Control and Prevention:

Cell Phone, Smart Watch & Electronic Device Policy

As stated in the Rock Creek Parent-Student Handbook, cell phones and other electronic devices such as apple watches, are not to be brought to school. If a student needs a phone for safety, it must be turned off and put away as soon as students arrive at school. If they bring out their phone/apple watch to use during school hours, staff will take it to the office and a parent will need to come pick it up.

Check Out the New Rotation Day Calendar- It includes all days that school will be closed!

Inclement Weather Information

When the weather gets snowy or icy, school schedules may be affected. The District generally posts the announcement of delayed school opening or school closure by 5:30 a.m. All Portland Metro area media outlets announce the information on TV newscasts and online.

The District will notify parents and staff via SchoolMessenger with a Non-School Hours Emergency message. Please manage your communication preferences in SchoolMessenger InfoCenter.

For the latest inclement weather information:

  • Log on to the District website and a page pop will be posted in the middle of the main page with the status of District operations.

  • Opt-in for SMS Alerts from SchoolMessenger

  • Subscribe to Flash Alert for email or text message updates

  • Like the Beaverton School District on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

The Beaverton School District Inclement Weather Policy and transportation snow routes can be found on the Public Safety webpage.

Pictures of apparel

New Rock Creek Gear is Now Available!

Order Rock Creek gear anytime - pick up at their location on Cornelius Pass or have it sent directly to you. There are tons of fun options in adult and youth sizes too. Visit Gear Up Sports to order today -

Email with any questions.

Background Checks

Please be aware: For the safety of our students, we encourage all adults that are on school property during school hours have an approved background check with the Beaverton School District. Please fill one out today, it may take 3 weeks to be approved:

PYP Corner

Just as the leaves are changing outside, so are our students and classroom communities changing within! At times it’s brilliant and apparent right before our eyes and at other times it’s more subtle, with just a glimmer here and there for the keen observer to take in and celebrate. Our staff at Rock Creek is committed to the growth of every child, and we are seeking to engage our students through inquiry-based units of study.

Here are our current units…

Kindergarten- How the World Works: Patterns help us understand the Earth and how it works.

First Grade- How We Organize Ourselves: Community systems can solve problems and help others.

Second Grade- Who We Are: Responsibilities help communities function.

Third Grade- How We Organize Ourselves: Citizens collaborate to organize themselves.

Fourth Grade- How We Organize Ourselves: The resources and environment of a community influence decision-making.

Fifth Grade- How We Organize Ourselves: Government influences people.

Learning Options Application Process 2020-2021

The Beaverton School District is nationally recognized for high student achievement and innovative programs. Beaverton students in grades 6-12 have the opportunity to investigate learning options that best fit their academic needs. Students can choose their neighborhood school, or apply for one of a number of Learning Option Programs. Transportation is provided.

Applications for the 2020-2021 school year will be available starting Monday, October 14, 2019. Please do some early investigation of the Learning Options Programs online and plan to attend one or more of the open houses that are available. Students may only select one option on their application.

All applicants must reside within the Beaverton School District boundaries. Beginning October 14, current Beaverton School District students are able to apply online using their BSD student ID. Resident students not currently attending a Beaverton school will need to complete a paper application available online, or at any school office beginning October 14, 2019. Applicants who do not have Internet access may also complete a paper application available at any school office. Please give careful consideration to your choice of school. Once an application has been submitted, no changes will be allowed.

Applications must be received no later than Friday, December 6, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. (PST).


Information Line: 503.356.4440 • FAX: 503.356.4415

Mon., October 14, 2019 ------- Applications for the 2019-2020 school year will be available.

Fri., December 6, 2019 ------- Applications due no later than 4:00 p.m. PST.

Wed., December 11, 2019 ------- Electronic Lottery conducted for the 2020-21 School Year.

  • Acceptance or wait pool notifications will be sent via email.

  • Students who are not selected via the lottery will be emailed a Second Consideration application for the school for which they applied where applicable.

Thurs., January 9, 2020 ------- Second Consideration applications due to schools.

Wed., January 29, 2020 ------- Deadline to accept/decline enrollment – by 4:00 p.m. PST

For online links to academic and extra-curricular activities offered in the community, please use this link:

Rock Creek School Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 3:00 pm

No Early Release this year

4125 NW 185th Ave

Portland OR 97229

Main Office-503-356-2450


Fax- 503-356-2455

Principal: Tiffany Wiencken

Keep Rock Creek safe: report any student safety threats to SafeOregon. Tips can be reported by phone or text (844-427-3367), email (, or online ( For more information, visit

The District prohibits discrimination and harassment based on any basis protected by law, including but not limited to, an individual's actual or perceived race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national or ethnic origin, marital status, age, mental or physical disability, pregnancy, familial status, economic status, veteran status, or because of a perceived or actual association with any other persons within these protected classes.