Pretty N Pink

Axe Precis

Axe, in the TV commercial, Axe Peace (2014), states that we need to make love not war. Axe, accomplishes this by illustrating scenes of war showing tanks and men with guns, but at the end the soldiers grab the girls and kiss them. Axe’s purpose is to encourage us as a society to buy their product and to associate Axe with peace. The TV commercial is intended for teenagers and adults and uses an edgy followed by relief tone.

What I'm Afriad of

I’m deathly afraid of the dark. When I was younger I wasn’t sure why I was so scared of the dark. I didn’t know if it was afraid of vampires, the boogie man, ghosts, or burglars. As I got older my fear never left me. I have come to realize that it’s not necessarily the dark that I’m scared of but what’s in the pitch black that makes me afraid. I haven’t exactly had to deal with my fear because I have gotten so nervous where I leave a light on. The only time I’m ever able to be in the dark is if there is someone in the room with me. I think the place that I get most nervous in the dark would be in a bathroom. I’m always afraid that I would get locked in or something would pop up. The big mirror that’s in every bathroom certainly doesn’t help my fear. If I had to be in the dark by myself for whatever reason I would probably close my eyes put my cover over my head and pretend I was somewhere else. There are many people in the world that believe they are scared of the dark but in reality they are just afraid of what’s in the dark. My mom is another example of someone afraid, we share that fear together. I wouldn’t want to put anyone else in my situation because it’s just wrong. I’m deathly afraid of the dark.

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Reflection on my Writing

Writing is something that i can do at my best only if the subject is meaningful to me. Since the beginning of high school i believe that my writing skills have increased. My sophomore year i started writing in my journal, i believe that my journal writings has increased my ability to get my thoughts down on paper. Throughout my high school years i have increased my writing by being able to get more analysis on my work in an organized manner, using a broader variety of words on my essays, and I have learned how to cite the work use.

My first area of improvement is that I am able to add more analysis to my papers in an organized manner. Analysis means “the separating of any material or abstract entity into its constituent elements.” ( Which basically means to give more detail about the subject you are discussing. Make sure what you write you can back it up. Analysis is concrete detail that you can go research to find. Also ask yourself questions and answer them in your writings. The more detail you have in a report the more interesting it will become.

Secondly, my expansion on using synonyms to change my vocabulary has improved my writing in a magnificent amount of ways. You would get exhausted if i used the same word throughout my work wouldn't you? Instead spice it up and use different words with the same meaning. This makes my reports much more entertaining. Synonyms are a wonderful change.

Last but not least I have learned how to cite my work. Citing my work means giving credit to the websites,articles,and so many different sources that I use. I can’t just copy their exact words and expect no one to get bothered by this. That is called plagiarism. Learning to cite the different sources I use has added a brighter tone to my work. I feel that it shows that I mean business because I am fully aware and am giving credit to the sources I “copied”.

In conclusion, I don’t have anything I would like to improve now. My writing has been a stress reliever for several years now. I improved my writing just by practicing and never really realized it. The main improvements I have noticed in my writings are adding more analysis, expanding my vocabulary, and citing my work.