4th Grade News

Week Of: February 1, 2016

Upcoming Events

Friday, Feb. 5-Family Freeze Dance

Monday, Feb. 8-Missoula Children's Theater Audition

Thursday, Feb. 11- Library Check Out

Friday, Feb. 12-Valentine Party

Friday, Feb. 12- Husky T-Shirt Day

Saturday, Feb. 13-Missoula Children's Theater Performance (2 showings)

Monday, Feb. 15- No School

Tuesday, Feb. 16-No School

Here's What We Were Up To This Week....

ELA: We spent some time this week finishing up our biography projects. The kids read Who Was books in their book club, filled out timelines of their lives, and then completed a visual timeline with pictures on Ipads. This week we also introduced Picture of the Day to practice using observations to make inferences. In writing, we continued working on writing opinion pieces.

Math: This week we did some work with angles. We learned that angles are measured in degrees, and we used our knowledge of special types of angles to estimate the measure of other angles.

Science: This week the electrical engineers were busy planning their alarm circuits. They needed to come up with an idea for a circuit and switch point connection plan using only the materials given to them. They then passed their schematic diagrams off to their "contractors" who built their circuits according to plan and provided feedback on how to improve their plan.