Super Star News Update

October 12 - October 16

"Have Courage, and Be Kind." -Cinderella (2015)

Hunt's Corner

Reflect: What is your refinement goal for this year? Are you making progress? What courageous steps are you taking? How can we support you?

Items to Note

  • "Have Courage, and Be Kind." Maria and Christin have bravely accepted the challenge of leading activities on Monday and have planned an exciting day for us all. Please enroll for Monday's training in Eduphoria, check out the attached invitation, and come ready with a super star smile and positive attitude!
  • Inference: Lisa will place question stems in your box Friday. The first Inferencing of the Week Picture will go out Monday. Please submit your top "excellent responses" to Lisa by Friday of each week for campus celebration.
  • Campus Calendar: As per your request, Letitia has developed a campus calendar. Thank you, Letitita! If you and your team have an upcoming activity that the rest of us should know about, please communicate that! We could also use this as a sign-up forum for shared areas, such as the science lab...Thoughts?
  • Hispanic Heritage School Presentations, October 15:
Pre-K, Kinder and 1st -- 8:45-9:15ish
2nd, 3rd & 4th -- 1:45-2:15ish
  • Events: Thank you for taking the time to sign up! This made a huge difference for this morning's event. Sign-up and Clean-up are such critical parts of any occassion that will wear individuals out if they are left to it on their own, but Together, makes it all worthwhile. The form is attached again this week, so please take a look if you haven't been able to do so. THANK YOU, also, for providing suggestions on how to tweak and make adjustments to improve actvities for the future. For example, one creative suggestion was made today to improve parent parking with a shuttle to a nearby, designated (and willing) community partner. Keep those ideas pouring in!!
  • Please take a moment to briefly review the attached Technology Menu. We'll be asking for feedback soon to guide us in planning future technology PD.
  • Pumpkin Book Characters: The information will go home with students on Tuesday. We will begin accepting pumpkins on October 26. The student winner for each grade level will be PE Teacher of the Day!! Staff submissions will be a category of their own... The winner (to be determined by a panel of judges) will choose between Jeans Pass for a Week or One Extended Lunch with a friend. Remember to hide your name on the bottom of the pumpkin, for fair judging! ;) And Remember: The actual book must be submitted to be displayed with its pumpkin, in order to be eligible for any prize. Play Nicely! =)
  • Crowley ISD is revamping their partnership with YMCA. Expected updates: waived membership fee, discounted membership, extension to all area YMCA locations (for those who live in neighboring cities), and payroll deduction options.
  • Cenergistic: Thank you for being mindful of conserving energy! Moneys saved on energy conservation this year and next is expected to be returned directly to you and to the classroom. Tip for the week: Close your blinds at the end of the school day or at home before you leave.
  • Remember to continue entering At-Risk data on your Teacher Template, due October 16. :)
  • Special thanks to Ruth, Kelley, Ben, Lorena, Lisa Patton, Lisa G, Tammy, and Elizabeth for coming early to set up for Muffins with Moms. This would NOT have happened without you! All parents were seen leaving with big smiles. Thank you!
  • Bully Prevention: Focus for the week is making friends with someone you don't know.
  • New Program!! (Well, returning program!) We are excited to welcome Functional Academics back to Sycamore. A new unit will be formed in the kindergarten hall in the coming weeks. Thank you, as always, for creating a welcoming environment for our new and returning students and their families.
  • No staff meeting Monday, October 12. We look forward to learning from Ms. Bothel on October 19. Please plan to bring your technology tools as we learn about OneDrive and Office 365.
  • Ms. Coughey, your kids sounded great! We're looking forward to hearing from Christin's class this week for Announcements.

Hispanic Heritage Program

Thursday, Oct. 15th, 6pm

1601 Country Manor Road

Fort Worth, TX

In-School Assemblies:

Pre-K, Kinder and 1st -- 8:45-9:15ish
2nd, 3rd & 4th -- 1:45-2:15ish

Book Fair

Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 7:30am


October 13-16

Crowley House of Hope Food Drive Kick-Off

Monday, Oct. 19th, 7:30am