Horse Back Riding

Sadie Gaberell


There are two main styles of riding, English and Western. The one very obvious difference is the saddles. The English saddle is small and light-weight, mostly used to show jump and run cross country courses. While the Western saddle is much larger and is heavier, used to race barrels and rope calves. Western saddles are the saddles you see in "wild west" movies.


There are many different disciplines that use many different saddles. A few of the larger English disciplines are show jumping and hunter. For Western, there is barrel racing and roping. Another very well known discipline is dressage. This discipline has its very own type of saddle and requires lots of self-control.

Many people misunderstand the word discipline and take it as a bad thing when in reality it is just the type of show you do.

Some Famous Riders

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Frquently Asked Questions

Q: What do horses eat?

A: Horses eat lots of grasses including salt meadow grass and centipede grass. They also eat grass hay, which is what you would find at a horse ranch/farm. As a treat, they also eat peppermint candies.

Q: How long do horses live?

A: Horses normally live to be 25-35 years old if they have a good owner and are healthy.

Q: Do horses smell bad?

A: In my opinion no. But if you haven't been around them much you may notice a small odor but horse do not generally smell.