AJS Weekly Bison Tracks

January 8, 2021

Important Dates

  • January 11 - Students return to in-school classes
  • January 20, 6:00 pm - EIPS Secondary French Immersion Information Night
  • January 27 - Family Literacy Day
  • January 28 - Last day of Quarter 2
  • January 29 - PD Day - No School
  • February 1 - Start of Quarter 3
  • February 3, 2:14 pm - Early Dismissal
  • February 4 & 5 - Teacher's Convention - No School
  • February 9, 6:00 pm - Ardrossan Jr. Sr. High School Open House
  • February 15 - Stat Holiday - No School


Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a restful and safe winter break. In-school classes are scheduled to resume on Monday, January 11 which is Day 1. Please check PowerSchool for any schedule changes. We look forward to seeing everyone in person.

To ensure schools and Division offices are safe for students, teachers and administration, everyone must mentally complete a COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire every day before entering the school.

Please also review the Covid19: How Long to Stay Home From School document.


For students in 30-level classes, here is the "optional" Alberta Education diploma exam schedule. Classes will proceed for all students until Thursday, January 28. February 1 is the start of Quarter 3.

AJS Final Sitting - 2nd Quarter

Here is the AJS Final Sitting - 2nd Quarter for January not including diploma exams. Please note that there is no exam break.

*Note: 30-level students who do not write the Alberta Education Diploma Exam, will participate in the AJS Final Sitting.

First Nations, Métis and Inuit - Parent Engagement Series

The First Nations, Métis and Inuit education team is offering two online parent information and engagement series for EIPS families.

Series #1: Developing Foundational Knowledge of First Nations, Metis and Inuit cultures, histories and contemporary contexts.

This three part series is designed for EIPS parents and families who are curious to learn about First Nations, Métis and Inuit cultures, perspectives and histories. These sessions are designed as entry points to understanding as we work toward learning our collective truth on the path of reconciliation.

Sessions will be held online using Microsoft Teams Meetings, Join on your computer or mobile app. Click here to join the meeting

  • Session 1 (virtual): February 2, 2021 (7 - 7:30 PM)

    • Who we are and why this work is needed

    • What reconciliation looks like in EIPS

  • Session 2 (virtual) February 23, 2021 (7 - 7:30 PM)

    • Addressing common roadblocks to understanding and relationship

    • Terminology; bridging the gap between what language parents may be used to hearing and what children are learning in schools

  • Session 3 (virtual) March 16, 2021 (7 - 7:30 PM)

    • Language of this land- The importance of highlighting Indigenous languages; deepening understanding of relationship to land through language; what exploration of Indigenous languages can look like in schools

Series #2: Virtual gathering of First Nations, Métis and Inuit parents and families.

This series is designed for First Nations, Métis and Inuit parents and families who are curious to learn more about the supports offered throughout EIPS. It is an opportunity for First Nations, Métis and Inuit parents to gather together and engage in conversation in partnership with the EIPS First Nations, Métis and Inuit education team.

Sessions will be held online using Microsoft Teams Meetings, Join on your computer or mobile app Click here to join the meeting

  • Initial Gathering (virtual): January 26, 2021 (7 - 7:30 PM)

  • Introduction to the First Nations, Métis and Inuit education team

    • What self-identification is and what it means

    • What supports are in place for self-identified students

Future sessions will be discussed and decided upon with input from participating parents and families.

Grad News!

An update for clarification:

  • ICON will provide gowns for your grad’s photo session in February and March but they cannot provide caps.
  • Caps and gowns for student’s graduation photos by ICON are optional for families to purchase for use in the Yearbook and School Composite picture.
  • A portion of the grad fee covers the purchase of caps and gowns for families to use at the AJS recognition day.
  • We will seek size information for the cap and gown from your grad in early April and place the order so they arrive by early June for the recognition. These are for the student to keep.
  • Great news! The ICON Photography Studio has informed us that they will provide a complimentary sitting for your student in the summer so your grad can be photographed while wearing their cap if families so choose.

2020-2021 Yearbook

This year's yearbook (2020-2021) is available for you to purchase on the PowerSchool Parent Portal website. To order a copy, click on Fees and add the 2020/2021 Yearbook. You must pay the fee in full to submit your order. Don't miss out!

Student Services

You can contact your grade level counsellor using an online meeting platform.

  1. Please open the link in another browser other than Internet Explorer.
  2. Submit your name to let the counsellor know you are in the waiting room.
  3. When available, you will be let in to meet. If the counsellor is with another student/parent, you will be messaged in the chat section.
  4. Online office hours are from 8:30am – 3:30pm. Appointments can be made outside of those hours if needed.



Jr. and Sr. High Virtual Counsellor's Office

Please check out the Counsellor's Offices button below for our interactive Jr. and Sr. High Virtual Counsellor's Offices! These will be updated regularly and highlight a variety of topics.

A Jr. or Sr. high office will be found in your child’s course content in Brightspace. For parents, updated links will be included in the weekly Bison Tracks. As always, please phone the school or email to connect with our counsellors, Mrs. Boake (7, 9, 11) ann.boake@eips.ca and Mrs. Richardson (8, 10, 12) tamia.richardson@eips.ca.

EIPS 2021-22 Division Calendar: Now available!

The official 2021-22 EIPS calendar is now available online. The calendar includes important dates during the 2021-22 school year, such as school-closure days, breaks, the first and last day of classes, professional learning days, early dismissal days, plus more. Highlights from the 2021-22 EIPS calendar include:

  • September 1 – first day of classes
  • November 8-12 – November break
  • December 22 to January 4 - Christmas break
  • February 1 – second semester begins
  • February 10-11 – Teachers’ Convention
  • March 28 to April 1 – spring break
  • June 28 – last day of classes
  • June 29 – last operational day before the summer break

To view the 2021-21 calendar, visit eips.ca.

Did you know you can sync the Division calendar to your personal calendar? You can. Simply, visit eips.ca/calendar and click on “subscribe to calendar.” It’s that easy.

Inclement Weather

With the winter season well underway, we want to remind families to dress children appropriately for the weather when getting ready for school or the bus. The weather often changes unexpectedly throughout the day, so please select suitable outerwear and ensure your child is prepared for changing conditions.

If inclement weather conditions occur, Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) will advise families of any bus cancellations using various communications tools, including automated-telephone messages, alerts posted on eips.ca and school websites, Twitter, Facebook, local radio stations and on Versatrans My Stop.

Decisions regarding bus cancellations are guided by EIPS’ Administrative Procedure 131: Inclement Weather, which states: “school bus service may be suspended … when there is a forecast or current temperature of -40 C including wind chill, in one or more regions.” Other reasons for suspending or delaying school bus services include adverse weather and poor road condition.

When school bus services are suspended, schools remain open to students. EIPS believes families have the right and responsibility to make choices for their children based on what they feel is safest during times of inclement weather.

For more information, contact EIPS Student Transportation at 780-417-8151.

Returning Student Registration for 2021-22

Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) will once again conduct an online returning student registration process to confirm student registrations for the 2021-22 school year. Families of all returning students must complete the process to confirm the school their child plans to attend in the 2021-22 school year. Additionally, students who want to attend a non-designated school need to make that request through the returning student registration process—acceptance is based on available space. The 2021-22 returning student registration takes place between Feb. 1-28, 2021.

Access to the Returning Student Registration Form is provided through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. If you don’t have a PowerSchool Parent Portal account, you need to set one up before Feb. 1, 2021.

Create a PowerSchool Parent Portal account

For more information contact the school directly.

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With 43 schools and close to 17,000 students, there’s a wealth of events, activities and stories taking place across the Division every day. You can find these stories and more by following Elk Island Public Schools on both Facebook and Twitter. Each uses a combination of news articles, videos and photographs that showcases the latest news, updates, events and alerts taking place across the Division.

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NOTE: Communications Services manages the Division's Facebook and Twitter accounts. The account is updated and monitored intermittently during regular office hours from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. The Division welcomes feedback and ideas from followers but does ask everyone interacting on the EIPS Facebook page to be respectful. Personal attacks and offensive language are not allowed and may be deleted.

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Community Resources

Netflix and Mental Health

Here are different series, episodes and documentaries on Netlix that cover mental health, anxiety, copying tools and social media. Grab some popcorn and happy watching. Please note, parental guidance is advised.

  • Headspace Guide to Meditation - Eight episode (20 min.) series that explains and dives deeper in to mindfulness and meditation. It shares how to start, the benefits and impact is has on us.
  • The Mind, Explained - Three episodes (19 to 21 min. each) that cover memory and how to store it, anxiety and mindfulness.
  • Brainchild - Six episodes (approx. 24 min. each) that cover social media, emotions, motivation, thinking, creativity and memories.
  • Coronavirus, Explained - last episode explains how to cope
  • Brene Brown: The Call to Courage (1-16 min.)
  • The Social Dilemma (1h 34 m) explores the impact on social networking.

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