Sparklers Newsletter

April 2016 Edition

Entire Downline

  • $9,553 Team Sales
  • 18 parties
  • 28 Consultants
  • 3 New Consultants
  • 1 Director, 1 Senior Consultant

Welcome to the team!

Sparkling Dreambuilders

Top 3 in Personal Volume

StartSwell Earners

Who is going to Conference in 63 DAYS, the BIGGEST PARTY of the Year?

Why go to Conference?

  • gain new skills and ideas for your business
  • meet and connect with your team mates
  • see a new place
  • be kid free
  • network with other consultants & find a pacing partner
  • Conference Exclusive store

Team News

Conference Giveaway - May 1-31 - Every Friday a registered Conference goer will be drawn for a Conference Prize. Prizes include Free Hotel Stay, Time with Kate Hannum-Rose, shopping in the Conference Store and more.

Dream Rewards - May 1 - Sept 30 - Dream Rewards are back. Every consultant has a chance to earn points passed on partying and building your team! Check Thirty-One Today for details. Prizes will be a gift card YOU can use ANYWHERE!

Away We Go Roller Bag incentive - Between April 16 and July 20 - any new sign-up can earn this bag when they submit $1,000 in PV in ONE of their Startswells period. See TOT for details.

Medium Utility Totes are back! - MUTs will be back starting June 1. This is one of our biggest sellers. Partying now can build momentum for June! From what I hear July is going to be pretty amazing too. Start planning for Ready, SET , SALE now as it will be the first two weeks of July.

Fiscal Year End - is approaching. Titles and Ribbons will be determined on stats as of 5/31 for Conference.

Celeste's Corner

Title Director

  • PV - $1, 059
  • 3 parties
  • 1 new team member

I don't tell you this to impress you, but to impress upon you what can be done with this opportunity! When you BELIEVE you CAN, you WILL!

How Can I promote to Director?

You need:

  • $1,000 in PV
  • $4,000 in Team Sales
  • 4 PEQAs - Personally Enrolled, Qualified and Active team members

Hit your numbers for 4 months in a row (including the month you DIQ) and you will get $1,000 BONUS

Earn 3% PV override and 3% override on your Gen 0

Meet your 31 Family Tree

The rest of Team Hawkins - we will meet at Conference

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