newest technology on earth


Every day people who have developed their companies to be millionaires get together to create a new piece of technology like amazon with their amazon drone delivery, Samsung and play station with their vr goggles and many more.

Bendable phones

Bendable phones are where all phones can be rolled up, drop it and it wont break, squish it and it is unbreakable and drop it and it will stay in 1 piece.According to the BBC website they have already created prototypes, attracting crowds at gadget shows.

Amazon Drone Delivery

Amazon drones can carry up to 2.3kg and deliver the package to you within 30 minutes of them placing the order. The drones have already started in places like London and new York And according to amazon they can be developed in 5 years for the service to start.

Self Driving Cars

Some people at the moment have self driving cars and they are really helpful because most accidents are caused by human driving. they all have senors so it can detect if you are getting close to someone so you wont run them over.It is very helpful because if you are tired you can let it drive by it self