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Birth or Adoptions

Having a New Child

Having a child is a joyful occasion and beautiful experience, but it can make a hectic environment for the family. Before having a child you must determine childcare arrangements.


Birth is a rewarding experience. Birthing a child is an experience that some families cannot go through for different reasons. The preparation and birth of a child is very expensive.


Adoption is an alternative in having an child for those who cannot get pregnant. The adoption process can be a lengthy process. Adopting a child comes with a lot of responsibilities, but there are a lot of positives for adopting an child.

Benefits of Adoption

  • You can potentially help save a child's life by putting the child in better conditions
  • You can adopt a child at the age that you prefer
  • You can improve the child's life and your's
  • You still get to experience parenthood if you are unable to make a child

Benefits of Birth

  • You get to create a family of your own and have a unique, indescribable bond with your child
  • The mother will feel empowered by the fact she birthed a child
  • By being pregnant, your chances of getting cancer is reduced
  • Being a parent, helps you grow up and evolve as a person