Real World Parabola

Austin Sanford and Tate Trueblood

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Picture taken at Austin's house



Two other points

(8,5) and (8,0)


Standard Form: y=-4x^2+bx+7

Vertex Form: y=-a(x-4)^2+7

What does the height of the parabola represent?

The distance from the concrete to the top of the brick.

At the spot where the brick touches the ground what is the relevance to the equation?

It is where the parabola crosses the x axis.

What is the maximum Height?

The maximum height is 7 feet.

How far away is the ground from the maximum height?

10 feet from the start of the parabola to the vertex.

What is the domain?

-4 is less than or equal to x and x is greater than or equal 4

What is the range?

0 is less than or equal to y and 7 is greater than or equal to y.