Career project

By: D'marquin Kemp

Future Plan

In ten years from now I will be staying in Sacramento , Los Angeles , or I will still live in Texas. Hopefully I will still be single and have my dream job of being a sports agent. Cause when I meet my wife I want to be wealthy to provide for my family.
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Persuading Color Test

My name is D'marquin Kemp. We took a persuading color test and my color is orange I act on a moment's notice and I am charming. I consider life as my game, and I have enterprising interests. I would just rather take charge and do it , then think about it. My 10 jobs are basically all similar and they are very social jobs and don't require being stuck behind a desk all the time.

Career choices

1. Energy brokers

2. Financial , Branch or Department Manager

3. Insurance sales agents

4. Logisticians

5. Logistics managers

6. Sales managers

7. Business continuity planners

8. Security managers

9. Sustainability specialists

10. Amusement and recreation attendants

My Top 3 Choices

  • Financial ,Branch, or Department Manager

  • Logistics Manager

  • Setcurity Manager

Top Choice

Financial or Branch manager is my top choice. I choose it although math isn't my favorite subject there is something about counting and dealing with money that I enjoy. Although the job will include a lot of math , it is one of my favorite parts. I really like the job because i would be making a lot of money from using a easy skill.

3 College Choices

  • Franklin University
  • Texas Christian University
  • Southern Methodist University

Top College Choice

Franklin University is my top college. Because they have a degree program in financial management and the cost is just right . I like were the school is located, and the size of the school is pretty small for a college it only has 7,000 students.


Financial managers make a starting salary of $115,320 dollars per year. And the annual salary that I need for my lifestyle I chose would be $50,199 . That means i would have $65,121 dollars for the year left after my life style paid for.
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