maddies goals

term 3

Reflection : get 8.5 in the beep

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My P.E goal: to get a nine in the beep test

My P.E goal for this term is to get a nine in the beep test. in the first term i got 7.5, last term I got 8.5, i think the reason why i improved so much in term two was because we were training for the cross country.

To get a nine i'm going to have to have to go to every circuit training and go for runs in my spare time. I'll also have to put 100% into PE in class

A2a persistent

I have been persistent with a lot of different things like gate maths, writing extension, sports and cross country, juggling for flight club

My A2A goal: self managing

I need to work on self managing and being more organised. I can be more organised by having reminders / sticky notes on the inside of my desk. I could also keep reminders on my iPod. I will also check the daily notices every morning so that I know what i have on at lunch time.

reflection: to be able to add & subtracted integers

I have done a lot better with adding and subtracting integers, and now can do them easily

My maths goal: To work out the area of 3-D shapes

I will go on mathletics more and will work on perimeter and area. I will also have to ask miss sime for help if I don't know understand it. I will also try to do a bit of the work that I

Get every night.

My literacy goal: is to try different styles of books

I mostly read dystopian future books like the hunger games or divergent. I need to try different types of books like non fiction, fantasy, adventure etc... I will have to go to the library and sure that I talk to the librarian about getting out different types of books.

reflection: To think of new ideas for writing faster .

I have used different was to think of ideas and have done a lot better in writing extention. And have l generated ideas a a lot faster