BabyMouse Heartbreaker

By: Jennifer L. Holm and matthew Holm

The main idea is

  • That she did not know about the dance in till the last min.
  • And when she asked this boy out he said i am going with Felicia.
  • She was so up set when she went because no one would dance with her.
  • When georgie ask her she got shy and said yes.


What i learned from the story is that never hope that much for some thing.


  • baby mouse
  • mom
  • georgie
  • mean girls
  • flicia
  • teachers


She did not know about a dance. And when she asked a boy they would turn around and say hay to a different girl and say would you like to go to the dance with me.


she went to the dance and her friend asked her if she would dance with him.


She had a dream and after that dream. She wanted to know what the dance was and at the dance.