Best Chinese Dresses for Women

An Art of Designing Chinese Dresses in Different Patterns to Add Grace to Your Personality

There are many different ways to dress in traditional Chinese dresses with a modern twist, such as a Cheongsam dress or a Mao suit. The Cheongsam is a traditionally designed dress that originated back in the seventeenth century. The original design of this dress was large and oversized, with a high neck and a straight lined skirt. The dress would cover the body head to toe, leaving only the head, hands, and feet exposed. The dresses were typically ornately designed with detailed embroidery and made from luxurious silk. It is possible to order modern versions of these dresses, including an updated sleeveless or short sleeved design. Modern versions of Cheongsam dresses are made from the traditional silk as well as a variety of other fabrics.

Cheongsam dresses used to be worn by women on a daily basis. However, now they are more suited for formal or special occasions. They are an ideal choice for a party, wedding, or beauty pageant and are an excellent alternative to wearing a traditional evening gown. A simpler version of the Cheongsam dress design is also a common uniform for service staff in the hotel or airplane industry in Asian countries. The dress dates back to Manchu’s rule over China. The Banner System put into place during Manchu’s rule divided families into classes and the Cheongsam dress became a symbol for the Manchu women, earning the dress the nickname of the “banner gown.” A male version of the Cheongsam dress was created for men in the early 1900s, and around the same time the female version of the dress was reinvented in the factories of Shanghai. The dress was extremely popular among the wealthy and famous. A few decades later the popularity of this style of dress had waned, but was still worn by many women in Hong Kong.

Traditional Cheongsam dresses can be found affordably for as little as 100 dollars, though a custom design tailored to fit your body can cost far more. Though online gallery, Chinese clothing are easy to purchase which have the beautiful rich colors and detailed embroidery. The intricate embroidery details found in these traditional dresses are now being incorporated into other styles of clothing such as the Mao suit. A Mao suit is inspired by the design of the Cheongsam dress, but is a two piece business suit that is designed for men. Both the Cheongsam dresses are a great way to honor the rich Chinese culture while dressing for a formal occasion.

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