Come to our event!

By:Julie Mendoza and Jorge Hernandez P4

Our Week of Peace is coming ! Come all or none

Come and join us in our Week Of Peace celebration. Everyone is invited to come and enjoy the fun. We will have activities for all ages and a feast for everybody to enjoy.

Week Of Peace

Monday, Sep. 22nd, 12am-12pm

120 3rd Ave S

Nashville, TN

Week of Peace will start on 9/22/2014 and end on 9/29/2014


Monday-Swimming and Paintball fight

Tuesday-Dance and Sing

Wednesday-Meet and Greet

Thursday-Sports activity

Friday-Pillow fight and camp fire

Saturday-Parade and Feast

Sunday-Holy day

Event rules

No violence nor drugs

No use of technology

Must wear appropriate clothing no saggy clothes nor clothes that are to short for women and men

Children must NOT wonder around to far from home

Punishment for apposing event

!st punishment You must go and talk to the priest

2nd punishment You will get beaten in town square in front of everyone to see for 20 minutes by whip

3rd punishment You will get kicked out of the community never to return and speak to anyone

Outcome of Event

Everyone will have fun,enjoy the festivities ,meeting new people and have a nice enjoyable experience!