WMS Sports, Groups and Clubs!

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The purpose of Athletics is for you to become a better athlete. In order to do so, you will be training, running and conditioning. It is fun; however it does get tough. Athletics has many sports to try and excel in! Some sports available for boy/girl athletes are: Cross Country, Track and Field, Volleyball, Basketball and Football. If you enjoy becoming better in a sport or becoming stronger, then Athletics is the elective for you!

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)

The purpose of National Junior Honor Society is to be recognized for the good you have done this school year. In order to be accepted in eighth grade, you must do the following: Have exceptional grades, be a well-behaved student and work hard. You will also be able to assist your school in different events! If you happen to be inducted into NJHS, not only will your school recognize it; your college will too! If that made you intrested, you will not only need to work hard in eighth grade but seventh grade as well!

NJHS works to collect the food cans at WMS!

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Warriors for Christ (WFC)

The purpose of Warriors for Christ is to be able to learn and spread your knowledge of Christ. Usually, you will be meeting n the morning during tutorials at 7:45-8:15. You will have the chance to meet kind-hearted friends and grow in your relationship with Christ! In your group you will be sharing what you know and listening to others and learning! WFC is a great club/group to be in, if you would like to learn more!


The purpose of Spanish is to create a strong foundation to be able to learn and grow off of. In Spanish, it will get hard and you will want to slack off: don't slack off. As long as you stick with it, you can get college credit and it will count it as your language in high school! If you will pay attention and be engaged in learning, you will be fine! Make sure to prepare for your college level test in eighth grade though! It is a very fun and interesting elective!


The purpose of cheer is to grow and become more competitive in the sport. Cheer is a very time-consuming sport, especially in middle school! Tryouts are at the end of the school year and they are a very nerve racking time but after, if you make the team, all of your nerves go away! You will be cheering at the boys' home games and after you will have the chance to be on the school competitive cheer team! Cheer is a great way to meet new friends and excel in your position on the team!