My Journey Through Slavery

Mary Prince

Who I am

My name is Mary Prince and I am writing this blog so that you can understand what I am going through. I am going to let you in to my world and prove that slavery should be abolished.

I was born in Brackish Pond, Bermuda 1788 in to slavery. My mum was a slave to Mr Myners and my dad a sawyer to a shipbuilder , Mr Trimminghem. When I was still young I was sold wit my mother which I believe was not right. I was sold to a man called Captain Darrel Williams who then gave me to his granddaughter as a gift. This was horrible, being given like a present. When I 12 years of age I was sold once again to a neighbouring household as a nurse. When Darrel's wife died I was sold once more to a captain who took me to Spanish point in Bermuda. After this I was sold a further 3 times to different people. I felt like I was being treated like dirt, being thrown around to places I don't want to go. It was extremely unfair.


Just joined the local Moravian Church. This is one of the protestant churches in my area.

December 1826

Daniel James. My husband. We got married to day. It was amazing, the best day of my life! He's a free carpenter and cooper. He's going to accompany me to England soon so I really can not wait!!!


We have just arrived in England and I feel ever so free. I am practically a free slave! Although I am still working for the Wood's, I feel a whole lot better the I did back in Bermuda.

November 1829

I have just come home from the Aldermanbury office of a A-S-S(Anti-slavery society).It sounds like bad news as I am not allowed to be free. It has taken ages as I first left Wood's house last November. At first Wood refused to give me my freedom. If He had I would have been able to Antigua with Daniel without being re-enslaved. But the A-S-S were a great help as they petitioned Parliament in June earlier this year to compel Wood and grant me my freedom but I don't think it went quite to plan. It now means that I am unable to return to my husband.

I am now under the ownership of Mr Pringle. I have started to confide in a writer called Susanna Moodie. She is a great friend and I am telling her my life story. She says that one day my life could be a best selling book!


I have finally finished my autobiography with the help of Susanna. It has already sold millions of copies. I didn't realise but I am one of the first black people to have published a book.

How I helped abolish slavery

Although I never took part in any thing big to abolish slavery but I still made a difference. My book I published showed many people of the horrors of slavery. By the time I had Published my book slave trade had been banned but someone had to show others what being a slave was like. That was me. Many of the parts that helped were when I talked about how I was treated. For example when I was taking about my old mistress:

" The next morning my mistress set about instructing me in my tasks. She taught me to do all sorts of household work. And she taught me (how can I ever forget it!) the exact difference between the rope and the whip, when applied to my naked body by her own cruel hand. And there was scarcely any punishment more dreadful than the blows received on my face and head from her hard heavy fists. She was a fearful woman, and a savage mistress to her slaves"


Lucy.Tennant: Over all if Mary did not write her book then many people would not have realised to what extent slavery was going on. This would have then made it harder for the other abolitionists to change the world for the greater good. Her help must have been very useful as she was an ex-slave meaning that she could be a source to prove the horrors of slavery.