The Diesel Engine

The under dog of the engine world!

Rudolf Diesel

Rudolf was a germane engineer , who opened his first shop in 1885, in Paris.

The Creation

Once Rudolf had opened his shop he wen't straight to work on trying create a different form of power that could rival the steam engine. And plenty of people were counting on him, people were making orders even before he made a successful engine. After 13 years of struggles and failed experiments he finally did it. He made the Diesel engine. He patented his design in 1894.

Better than steam

The newly designed Diesel engine was tested against the Steam engine and won. The Steam engine had a success rate of about 10%, while the Diesel engine had a success rate of 26.2%. It was clear that the Diesel engine was better than the Steam engine. And also The Diesel engine could be used in any scenario that a Steam engine could be used.


Over time the design of The Diesel Engine changed to make it stronger, and faster making it even more efficient. Today it is still used a high power engine, being applied to vehicles that need power more than speed. Because it offers the highest form of power people tend to use them when they need to move heavy things often.