The Parade School

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Absences from school have been shown to have a significant effect on achievement and progress in studies. Students who attend every lesson every day are more likely to be successful and cope well with the learning. When we see high levels of student absence we usually see low levels of achievement. Some students may find it difficult to progress to the next year level and may be expected to repeat a year level if they have not completed enough. Please make appointments for such things as dentists at times outside of school hours to maximise attendance.

Homestay Families Required

Our school is always looking for families to host students from overseas who visit our school on short term Study Tours. A small remuneration is provided for most Study Tours and they range from 10-14 days in length. If you would like more information about becoming an accredited homestay family please contact the school on 8364 1122 or email

Uniform clarification

While most students wear their uniform correctly there are some parts of it which need some further explanation. It is important that the uniform is worn consistently by all students.


Students are not permitted to wear jewellery to school, exceptions are a single piercing in each ear only with a simple stud or sleeper and no other visible piercings. Finger rings one only. No necklaces are to be worn. Bracelets are not permitted (Medic-Alert is the exception). The wearing of jewellery can become a hazard in areas such as science labs and technology workshops as well as the risk of loss or damage during sport/ PE and at break times. The school cannot be responsible for the loss or damage of valuable items. All jewellery should be left at home to be worn on more suitable occasions.

Skirt length

The school navy blue skirt and summer dress should be knee length. This is stated in the uniform policy. Uniform management services ensure that they are a suitable length when purchased. Some skirts have been altered or taken up to be much shorter, which is not consistent with school policy. As a clear guide, skirts should be no more than four finger widths from the crease at the back of the knee. Please ensure that skirts comply with this.

Shoes: School shoes

With the wide range of shoe styles available people can become uncertain about which shoes are appropriate for school. School shoes should be plain black, have a firm, solid sole with a small heel and cover the foot. Slip on black shoes with soft leather, exposed tops, soft ballet style shoes and those with thin soles, shoes made with canvas or fabric are not acceptable shoes due to WHS regulations. They do not offer enough protection for the foot. When buying new shoes parents and students should keep in mind the need for safety and protection. Solid leather school shoes also support growing feet.

Rostrevor Tennis Club

Winter Competition Tennis

Matches commence Friday 1st or Saturday 2nd May, 2015. All ability levels are catered for with divisions 1‐2 (Fri) and 3‐10 (Sat). For more information contact Tom on 0423 014 456

Summit Valley gymnastics are looking for interested students to assist with training gym students under a qualified instructor on a volunteer basis. We run the classes out of the Ashton Community Hall. The two classes are held on a Monday between 6 and 8 pm. Volunteers may participate in one class for an hour or both which is two hours. The classes run within normal school terms only. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and require any further information please contact Bonnie, Summit Valley Gymnastics 8390 4466 or 0423928444