The War Between Youth And Age

By: Malik Bullock

Truth be told here.

They call us stupid, depressing, obese, and worthless. That we just waste valuable resources and that we lack the intellect to make our own decisions. We, the teenegers, stand up agaisnt those whom claim that we are not beneficial to society. Adults must learn to respect us teens no matter how much we thrive off media and technology. Nationwide, kids aging from 13-17 are going through their teenage years. Being older and having more knowledge of how the world works, we operate more proficiently. However, adults, more so middle aged and above, learn to not appreciate how we conduct our daily lives. Ever since the birth of media, adults have done nothing but discourage us for our time spent on technology. They have to learn to respect us the same way like they did without the viral world.

About 2% of teens become bipolar in their lifetime, knowing of their situation, adults still disregard the fact that it’s not our fault and choose to accuse of being depressed on purpose. They believe due to their age that they have the right to expose us to offensive statements that lead us to believe lesser of ourselves. The Effect of this negativity results in lack of thought when making decisions and sometimes really harmful anxiety. Allowing us into the technological world then emphasizing how we abuse it is completely absurd and exemplary on how we are to raise our young! The thought of us turning out how adults are in this current time period should not spread a fretful aura. All caused by the barbaric masterminds in which they make themselves appear to be.

A orderly and most reasonable solution so that we earn our rights, and guarantee adults shall no longer talk nonsense about our lives, is to state the issue with them. Almost 60% of the time when parents and teenagers argue, the child wins and all the parent can do is ground their child. However, if we state how we feel on how they treat us then there is no argument, all they can do is see their own wrongdoing and agree to work it out. Another solution, which may not be the most intellectual thought, is limiting ourselves to a certain amount of hours per day with technology. It may be hard for some of us, but it will lighten the load of disrespect we receive yearly from adults.

It’s the same as bullying, calling us names and making us think lesser of ourselves, To all teens out there, this message is for you. You are not alone, we are in this battle together. Bear with me, for our time will come soon.


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How I work.

Honestly, i spend 84 hours on the internet per week. Yet, my life is just fine academic wise and social wise. This proves that technology is not the source in which all of these rumors are being spread globally. I believe that it helps us progress in time, and i will never be told otherwise.