cells structure function

cell wall

structure : made of cellulose only in plants function: provides a protected framework for a plant cell to survive

cell membrane

structure: selectively permeable to ions and organic molecules. function: protect the cell from its surrounding


structure :its a fluid and its inside the cell. function : fluid that fills a cell


structure: the DNA is inside of the nucleus. function: it help control eating movement and reproduction

nuclear membrane

structure: the nucleus is sphere - shaped. function: it separates the contents of the nucleus from the cytoplasm.


structure: it is inside the nucleolus. function: product ribosome


structure: nine tube glue together. function: its part of the cytoskeleton


structure: the combination of DNA , histone and other protiens. function: they carry all of the imconmation used to help a cell grow


structure: the protein builders or the protein synthesizers of the cell wall. function: enzymes made of proteins are used to help speed up biological processes.

golgi apparatus

structure: it gathers simple molecules and combines them to make molecules that are more complex. function: packages them in vesicles , and either stores for later use or sends them out the cell.