unrealistic world



The benefits of coming to my country is that you have great opportunities we believe in second chances that others don't give you have the ability to raise your self from a bad place and have a great calm rich world.In addition to why would you want it? is that you will receive and deserve things you have fought but never go join for awesome.

The Facts

Capitalism Videos

Capitalism and Socialism (boring video of cash course)

Capitalism and Socialism: Crash Course World History #33

The Refutations

Capitalism Conclusion

Unrealistic Conclusion

Unrealistic Is a country Based and produced as a Capitalism Economy; The economy is a great choice because as the first video said above it is not selfish is just a trading is a win-win economy they limit the economy of their decisions and let the people do it their selves. Capitalism also lets people to be fair not only in a good but also bad if something as a company is malfunctioning then they restrict it from the rest.

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