12 Days of Fabulousness

Diva Determination to finish the year strong

Day 7

Issuing a challenge today just didn't seem right. Like us, we're sure you've spent the entire weekend loving up your families and trying not to focus on the horrific tragedy that occurred on Friday in Newtown, CT. It's impossible to understand why this happened.

The news and sadness has been overwhelming. And it's been hard to celebrate with this dark cloud. We'll never forget what happened and our hearts will always be heavy for the families of Sandy Hook Elementary.

In these times of sadness there is one thing we can do. Focus on what is positive in our world. Spread cheer. kindness and love. We owe it to our children to make this season merry & bright. We all know that everyone loves to see a smile and as the saying goes...When Mama Is Happy...EVERYONE IS HAPPY! We are true believers in positivity. It is truly contagious. And if someone smiles at you...what do you do? You smile back!

So over the next 24 hours let's do this...post something on our team page that has made you smile or made you feel like you are doing good or paying it forward - you know, those little acts of random kindness that can last a lifetime. It can be a story, note or picture. However big or small, we want to heal our hearts by having you share your stories.

We won't be giving a gift for this challenge. Instead, on behalf of our team, we will be mailing a $150 donation to the 'Sandy Hook School Support Fund' through the United Way of Western Connecticut. If you'd like to make an individual contribution, considering donating 100% of your commission for any on-line orders received this week. Customers may not receive their order in time for x-mas (unless they do a 2 day shipping) but they are contributing to the greater good of trying to heal and help support a community that has been torn apart. You have a business that can offer that type of give back connection- doesn't that feel great?!

"No act of kindness is too small. The gift of kindness may start as a small ripple that over time can turn into a tidal wave affecting the lives of many."

-Kevin Heath

With love and appreciation - Kristen & Sarah