Writing Tips

Guidelines, Templates, Rubrics, Etc.

Types of Writing Recordings

Autobiographical Narratives-
Descriptive Essays- http://tinyurl.com/ALNovSeminar
Persuasive Essays-http://tinyurl.com/CC10PersuasiveEssaySeminar
Expository Essays-
Constructed Responses-http://tinyurl.com/septseminar

Writing Essays Step by Step

Some essays are a series of steps to get to the final product. For these essays, you will complete an outline first (preview of your draft), then complete a rough draft (your teacher will highlight, make corrections, suggestions, etc.), and then a final draft will be submitted (the corrected rough draft).

  • Outlines (Click here for the template.)
  • Rough Draft
  • Final Draft

How do I do a proper outline?

Outlines are organized previews of what will appear in your paper. It is different from a graphic organizer because it contains more formatted information. The outline should not contain paragraphs. Each detail should be a single entity that will be expanded in the drafting process. An outline should contain organized headings, subheadings and details.

What is the standard length of a draft?

Each draft you write should be a minimum of 5 paragraphs in length. Five paragraphs is the standard expectation on standardized testing and shows the ability to develop an organized method of writing. You should have an introduction, supporting paragraphs (at least three), and a conclusion that closes the thoughts of your paper.

How do I correctly complete a constructed response?

A constructed response should be a 2 paragraph response to a prompt. It should answer all portions of the prompt, be focused, contain textual evidence to support the response, be free from errors, etc. A constructed response is NOT an essay. It should take you about a maximum of 10-15 min. to complete.


There are different point values depending on the submission. Ex.: Outlines, Rough Drafts, Final Drafts, Constructed Responses, etc. Scroll down once you click the link to see the different rubrics.